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An Example

Dhondu's education began in the Shenvi Pantoji's school in the village of Murud. Dhondu was not a very clever student. In those days the fourth standard examination was considered quite important. If a candidate was successful in that examination, he could get the lower posts in the government. Dhondu failed in the examination held in 1869.

By about 1870 an enthusiastic teacher by name Vinayak Lakshman Soman joined the Murud School. Within a few days Dhondu became the favorite student of Soman. Under his guidance Dhondu passed the fourth standard examination.

Soman was very enthusiastic to serve the country and the people. He wished that his pupil also should serve the country and the people. In those days many people were illiterate, that is, they could not read and write. Few newspapers were received in the village. Soman thought that the people should know what was going on in the world outside, and made a plan. It was the custom of the people to visit the Durgadevi temple in the evenings. Dhondu would collect a few newspapers received in the village, sit on the pial of the temple and read them aloud. People who came to visit the temple could hear the news, without any effort on their part. Dhondu used to render this public service gladly, as his teacher had desired. Thus, under the influence of his teacher Soman, even from his boyhood Dhondu developed the desire to serve the people.

At that time Soman collected five rupees from every villager as share money. With the capital of eight hundred rupees so collected, he set up a shop. Dhondu was to sell goods and maintain accounts.

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Dhondo Keshava Karve- He brought education,equality,honour and joy into the lives of many people
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