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Daily Routine

Malaviya used to work everyday in a systematic manner.

He would get up at dawn and exercise regularly. He used only India made soaps for his bath. After the bath he would perform the morning's religious rites. He would wear a 'Tilak' (a short vertical mark) on his forehead prominently. 'After the morning's prayers he would drink some warm milk. He always wore white clothes and a turban. He spent an hour, from one to two in the afternoon, in warm and informal conversation with visitors.

His meal was very frugal. He did not want food, which had been pre pared with spices. After food he would rest for a while. He had big oil paintings of his revered parents in his bedroom. Every night he would now to his parents' pictures and to God and then retire to bed.

When Malaviya was alive every year on Basanta Panchami day (the day of the birth of Benares Hindu University) members of the public could meet him. He then used to address them. Thousands of students, teachers and others would assemble to hear him. Malaviy would explain in simple language and in a lucid manner Indian Culture and religion and the goal of Benares Hindu University.

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Madana Mohana Malaviya - The Founder Of Benares Hindu University
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