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Dhingra died young but his life was one of heroism and glory. In London, the heart of the British Empire, he killed an enemy of India. He died gladly for his country

Author - Babu Krishnamurthy

Madanlal Dhingra

You have heard of the city of London, haven't you? It is the capital of England. It is a very attractive city with wide roads, tall buildings and rows and clusters of lights that arrest the eye. Some years ago it was famous as the capital of a very vast empire, the British Empire.

A road in London is called Cromwell Road. About sixty-five years ago by the side of that road was situated a building known as 'India House'. It has a small room upstairs. One day, a stove was burning in full blaze on a table in the middle of the room. On the stove was a glass vessel; some chemicals were boiling in it.

On either side of the table there were cupboards containing bottles full of acids.

Two persons were standing by the side of the burning stove, discussing something very important. They were thinking of something else and had totally forgotten the stove and the chemicals.

The stove kept burning, and the vessel grew hotter and hotter. Just a' few moments more, and the chemicals inside would have exploded with a deafening sound; the glass jar would have been shattered to pieces, and the two persons would have been badly hurt. What was worse, people outside would have heard the explosion and rushed inside. The Police would have come. It would have been a great mishap.

The older one noticed it just in time. Oh Lord! That would be the end of their work. What could they do? They started looking for a pair of tongs with which to remove the vessel. There was no time even to search. The boiling grew more and more dangerous.

Even a moment's delay would lead to a great tragedy. All of a sudden, the younger one lifted the glass jar from the stove with his bare hands and put it on the table. The skin on his palms got burnt and there were boils all over them. The smell of burnt flesh filled the room.

It was not an easy thing he did. Only a man of quick decision and great courage could have done it. The younger man had these qualities. His feat surprised and delighted the older man. "Well done, Madan Bhai, well done!" he exclaimed.

They had reason to be so worried about it all. They were not experimenting in a college laboratory. They were secretly making bombs in order to free India from the clutches of the British. And that in London, the capital of the British Empire! What do you think would have happened if the British Government had come to know of it? The two persons and all those working with them would have been thrown into the jail.

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Madanlal Dhingra - A Great hero who killed an enemy of India in the London
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