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Ready for a Great Event

One evening Dhingra walked in all of a sudden and stood before Savarkar. There was no one else there. Looking straight into his eyes, Dhingra asked, "Savarkar, tell me now, has the time come for me to sacrifice myself?"

"Madan Bhai, if the person ready to sacrifice himself feels the time has come, it means it has!" replied Savarkar. "Then, Savarkar, I am ready," s Dhingra.

Savarkar took him inside his room. They had a long discussion. The stage was set for a great event in Dhingra's life.

The struggle for freedom was in full swing in India at that time. Processions by the people, lathi-charge and firing by the Police - these were daily affairs. The British did not want to let India out of there strangle hold. They used to take away raw materials like mineral ores and cotton to England and use them; then they brought the finished goods to India and made money. They paid their own people high salaries and sent them to India to extract hard work from the Indians and to exploit the wealth of this country. If the Indians woke up, if India became free, what a terrible loss to the English! So those who voiced the demand for freedom became the enemies of the British Government. They were beaten up mercilessly with the help of the Police and the army. Arrests and self-sacrifice were daily happenings. Lokamanya Tilak, Lala Lajpatrai and such other leaders guided India’s struggle for freedom.

On the other hand, there were young revolutionaries who fought with arms. Khudiram Bose and Praphullachandra Chaki exploded the first bomb in Bengal.

Dhingra felt a strange urge within him whenever he heard such news. He hated the British with all his heart. Something happened in the meantime as if to add fuel to the fire.

Savarkar's elder brother, Ganesh Damodar Savarkar, affectionately called Babarao Savarkar, was a revolutionary. The British Government had arrested and awarded him transportation sentence. This meant being taken away by sea to the Island called the Andamans and jailed there. The place was full of snakes, scorpions and wild animals. Those who were a danger to the society, such as murderers and dacoits, were usually sent to the Andamans and put in prison there. And it was to such jails that those who fought for India's freedom were sent!

Dhingra was unable to control his anger when he heard of the arrest of Babarao Savarkar and the transportation sentence. He was already determined to make the British taste a Hindu youth's revenge. The Government's action served to feed the fire.

In order to put his plan into practice he bought a revolver and practiced shooting.

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