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A Cunning Fox

There was an association in London called the National Indian Association. Its aim was to make the Indian youths that went to England for higher studies great admirers of the British. It used to transform patriotic young men into traitors by teaching them all soft of vices. One Miss Emma Josephine Beck was its secretary.

Dhingra visited the office of the National Indian Association in the month of March 1909. He met and talked to Emma Beck. He made friends with her. He made interested enquiries about the Association. He expressed a desire to become a member. The very next month he enrolled himself as a member.

The British Government was a very cunning Government. It had formed a committee to poison the minds of the Indian youths about their own nation. Sir William Curzon Wyllie was one of the three important members of this committee. He was a cunning fox.

He was an expert in talking sweetly and poisoning others' minds. He was an adviser in the office of the Secretary of State for India.

He had many opportunities to work out his evil plans. The Indian students, therefore, hated him. They wanted to finish him if they get an opportunity.

This Curzon Wyllie was a good friend of Dhingra's father as well as of his brother. His father used to write to Wyllie asking him to take care of Dhingra. Accordingly Wyllie met Dhingra off and on and pretended to take interest in his welfare. Dhingra, in return, pretended to have faith in him.

Gradually Wyllie started persuading Dhingra to tell him all the secrets of the India House.

But Dhingra used to meet Savarkar quite often; he used to tell him all that was going on. He even told Wyllie a few important things about the India House, but he always informed Savarkar about it and took his permission to do so. Letting on the secrets to Wyllie was just a bit of play-acting.

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