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The First of July

Babarao Savarkar was sentenced to transportation for life on 8th June. Dhingra tried to murder Curzon Wyllie the same day. But his victim escaped. So Dhingra the huntsman was biding his time.

First of July 1909. The National Indian Association was to celebrate its annual day. Dhingra met Emma Beck and collected information. He was happy to learn that Wyllie would attend the function.

Dhingra met Savarkar secretly on 20th June. He explained his intentions and plans to Savarkar. Savarkar was quite pleased.

The First of July was a Thursday. And Dhingra was determined to take revenge for the dishonor done to India, on that day.

He had food early that day. Taking his revolver he went to the training institute to practice shooting. He fired twelve shots to improve his aim.

It was six o'clock in the evening when he returned to his room. He had a hurried wash and changed his clothes.

He put on a sky-blue turban in the Punjabi style and a smart suit, a necktie and dark glasses. He filled up his coat pockets with a revolver, two pistols and two knives. He was now ready to sacrifice the sheep called Wyllie to Kali Mata.

The venue chosen for the annual day celebrations was the Jehangir hall of the Imperial Institute. Dhingra reached the place at eight. He went in straight and talked to people there for some time. Smartly dressed men and colorfully attired women had assembled in the hall which was tastefully decorated with balloons and paper flags in various hues. There was a gay atmosphere.

Dhingra's friend Emma came 'to greet him. He talked to her as if he was very happy to see her.

It was past ten. Every now and then Dhingra was looking eagerly towards the entrance.

Curzon Wyllie and his wife arrived. Their arrival added zest to the merriment. It was about eleven when the proceeding ended.

Wyllie got down from the dais. Then there was some music. Wyllie was moving around talking to people informally.

Dhingra approached Wyllie who raised his eyebrows and said, "Hullo." Dhingra drew nearer. He stood quite close to Wyllie and pretended to tell him something in confidence. He lowered his head in order to hear Dhingra's secret.

Suddenly Dhingra took out his revolver from his pocket. Aiming at Willie’s chest, he fired two shots: "Bang! Bang!" the shots rang out. With a scream Wyllie fell to the ground. Dhingra fired two more shots at him. Curzon lay dead on the floor. A Parsi gentleman called Cowasjee Lalkaka rushed to the aid of Wyllie. Dhingra fired a shot at him and Cowasjee fell to the ground too. He died in the hospital a few days later.

There was utter chaos in Jehangir Hall. All those who had gathered there stood shocked and shivering. "Catch him, thrash him,"

some shouted. One man rushed to Dhingra to disarm him. Dhingra hit him on the neck with his left hand. The man's neck was swollen. His bones broke. He fell down, blood flowing from his mouth.

But Dhingra was calm and collected. He was smiling. "Just a moment, let me wear my glasses," he said, and put them on. The Police arrested him. A doctor came forward to feel his pulse. It was normal, and calm as ever. On the other hand the doctor was shivering from head to foot.

Although he had committed such a grim murder, Dhingra was not in the least afraid. He firmly believed that what he had done was right. He was taken to the Police station. He slept soundly even in Police custody!

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