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London is rocked

All the newspapers in London carried the news of the cold-blooded murder of Wyllie. People were shocked. Dhingra had a written statement in his pocket; the Police snatched and hid it. Savarkar came to know of the incident. Information about it reached India in no time. Indian revolutionaries rejoiced over it.

Dhingra's name became a household word in England and India. PatrioticIndians regarded him as a great hero. But some Indians disapproved of Dhingra's act. They openly condemned what he had done. Even his father, Sahib Ditta, sent a cable from India: "I disown Madan as my son. He has disgraced my fair name." His brother declared that he had nothing to do with Dhingra any more, since what Dhingra had done was a serious crime.

He was thus let down by the members of his own family. But the patriotic among Indians regarded him as their own brother. They praised him as a great son of India who had brought her honor.

But there were some Indians who were puppets in the hands of the British. They wanted to hold a meeting to condemn Dhingra's conduct. They decided to meet in Caxton Hall in London on the Fifth of July for the purpose.

Dhingra's friends came to know of it. Savarkar was furious. "A brave Indian youth is even ready to sacrifice his life, he performs a heroic act. And here are Indians out to condemn him I It is shameful I" he thundered. It was decided to see that the resolution condemning Dhingra's deed was not passed without opposition.

Savarkar went to attend the meeting accompanied by a few friends. They all sat very near the dais.

The meeting started. The Aga Khan, who presided over the meeting, rose to read out the resolution. "This meeting has unanimously passed the resolution condemning the conduct of Dhingra...." he began. But a voice thundered from somewhere:

"No, the resolution is not unanimous!" The whole gathering was stunned.

"Who is that?" the Aga Khan shouted.

"It is me, Savarkar, and I oppose it!" was the reply. People began to disperse on seeing him. They were afraid to face him. But a young Englishman rushed towards Savarkar and hit him hard in the face with his fist. "Just have a taste of an Englishman's anger!" he said. Savarkar's spectacles were broken to pieces. Blood started flowing down his face. But Savarkar did not mind it.

"Happen what may, I oppose this resolution," he insisted. Then, Thirumalacharya, a revolutionary who had accompanied Savarkar, raised his lathi. Rushing towards the English youth, and saying, "Just have a taste of an Indian's anger!" he thrashed him soundly. The Englishman ran for his life.

Such was the love of Savarkar and his friends for Dhingra and their pride in him. They would not tolerate any insult to his honor.

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