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I Will Also Come With You

As usual Sathyavantha started for the forest to hew trees and collect firewood. But on that day Savithri could not bear separation from him. But she did not want to ask him to stay with her and thus come in the way of his work. Suppose he asked, ‘Why?’ What reply could she give? Could she say, ‘Your death is approaching!’ But how could she send him alone? Her heart trembled at the mere thought of what would happen.

Savithri went up to Sathyavantha and said, "My lord, I wish to come to the forest with you today. I want to see the beauty of the forest and I wish to help you in your work. I will also come with you. Please do not say ‘no’."

Sathyavantha was surprised. He said, "My dear, I shall be delighted if you come with me. But after three days of strict religious rites you are tired and weak. You have not yet eaten anything. It is not easy to walk in the forest. You will be tired. Why only today? You can come with me after your rites are over."

Savithri – It will be no trouble at all. I want to see the flowers blossoming in a forest. I want to hear the song of birds. I will come today.

Sathyavantha – Savithri, I do not wish to hurt you. If it gives you delight, I will not come in your way. I will also be happy if you are with me. Go and tell your parents-in-law and have their permission.

Savithri went with her husband to the forest with her elder’s permission. She spoke cheerfully. But her heart ached within her. Sathyavantha was delighted because Savithri was with him. He walked with greater liveliness than ever before and pointed out the beauty of the forest. Though Savithri’s mind was like volcano within she added her words to her husband’s and made him happy.

Together they collected flowers for worship of God. They gathered fruits. Sathyavantha made Savithri sit under a tree and started hewing the wood. Wide-eyed, without bringing her eyelids together eve once, Savitri gazed on him. She thought , ‘The terrible moment which Narada had foretold is approaching ,’ and her heart shivered. She was in unbearable anguish.

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