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‘I Am Yama’

All of a sudden Sathyavantha perspired. His head ached as if it would be shattered into a thousand pieces. "Savithri…" he called out.

Savithri sprang to her feet and raced to him.

Sathyavantha – Savithri, I have a dreadful headache, which I Cannot bear. My body is perspiring and I feel as if my head is about to burst.

Savithri – My lord, you are too tired. You have been cutting the wood. Your headache will be gone if you rest for a while. Lie down with your head in my lap and sleep for some time.

Savithri took her husband’s head in her lap.

The next moment there appeared a dark, mighty figure near the feet of Sathyavantha. He was Yamadahrmaraja, the God of Death.

Savithri laid her husband’s head on the ground and stood up. She bowed down to that figure. With great reverence she asked, "Lord who are you? Why have you come here?"

Yamadharmaraja, the God of Death, is not visible to the eyes of ordinary persons. But Savithri was deeply devoted to her husband and she had performed many rigorous religious rites. Therefore it was possible for her to see Yama.

Yama told Savithri the truth.

Yama: - My daughter! Today your husband’s life has come to an end. I am Yama. I have come here to take away his life. I am visible to your eyes and I have answered your question because of your spiritual power.

Yamadharmaraja tied up the life of Sathyavantha in his leash. At once Sathyavantha’s life left his body. Yama went southward. He travelled a short distance and looked back.

Savithri - God of Death bowed to her love and devotion and restored her husband to life
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