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‘Ask For A Boon’

Yama was pleased with the words of Savithri. But was it right to give back the life of one who was already dead?

Yama – Savithri, your words have pleased me immensely. Ask for any boon except your husband’s life. I will grant it.

Savithri – Dharmaraja, You have indeed blessed me. I will not ask for anything for myself. By your grace, may my father-in-law regain his eyes! May be regaining his power!

Yama was very much pleased to see that Savithri had such great affection for her husband’s parents. He said, "Your wishes will be fulfilled. Now go back. You are tired."

Savithri – Lord, how can I feel tired when I am near my husband? I shall be there where he is. A single meeting with good persons makes him a life-long friend. Good men’s company is every fruitful. Therefore, one should seek the company of good persons.

Her wisdom filled Yama with admiration.

What then? He could not give back the life of Sathyavantha!

Yama – My daughter, your words give me great joy. I am immensely pleased. Ask for some other boon; but only, do not ask for your husband’s life.

Savithri – My lord, you are pleased with me. My prayer is that my father-in-law may get back his kingdom and that once again he may rule justly and well.

Yama – So be it. Now go back and do your duty.

Savithri – Yamadharmaraja, you bind everyone with a single uniform law. You do your duty, never going against that law. So you are called Dharmaraja (the Lord of Righteousness). I pray you, listen to me. One should not deceive any one in thought, word or deed. Instead, one should help others. This is Dharama, which sustains the world. The good are kind even to their enemies. This is my faith.

Yama – My daughter, your words are like nectar. My joy knows no bounds. Ask for any boon except Sathyavantha’s life.

Savithri – My lord, grant that my father may have valiant sons so that his dynasty may continue. Let my father’s home be brightened.

Yama – As you wish. Your father will have good sons. You have followed me very far. Now go back.

Savithri – It is not at all far for me when I be near my husband. My mind movers even farther then this. I pray you, listen to just another word. Your are very strong. You are serene and you do what is right, and so you are Dhramaraja, the Lord of Righteousness. All people seek the love of the good. They yearn for their friendship. Such friendship brings trust. I have great faith in you, for you are good. I know you will do me no harm.

Savithri - God of Death bowed to her love and devotion and restored her husband to life
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