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Even Yama Was Defeated

Yama – My child, I have not heard such words from anyone except you. Ask for a boon except your husband’s life. I will give you.

Savithri – My Lord, you have shown me much kindness. I am fortunate. I pray that Sathyavantha and I may have children who are strong and who will bring fame to our dynasty.

Yama – So be it! You are too tired. Return my child.

Savithri – My lord, pray listen to my words. The good always walk the path of righteousness. They will not give up the truth whatever be the difficulties. They never do what is unrighteous. They help others expecting nothing in return. The earth is sustained by the good and by their tapas. If they are pleased nothing evil can happen.

Yama – My child, your words are noble. They have profound meaning. As I listen to you, my regard for you deepens. Ask for a great boon.

Savithri – My lord, I bed of you, may your boons be fulfilled in a virtuous way, in a righteous manner. So I am praying that my husband may come back to life. I am dead without him?,I do not want heaven or wealth without my husband. May your words come true! This is the boon I beg for.

Yamadharmaraja was defeated by Savithri’s arguments.

Yama – My daughter, I will give back your husband’s life. He will be healthy and strong. He will live for four hundred years, and will walk the path of virtue. You and your husband will live happily with your children. Your children will come to be known as Savithri’s, after you. Your father also will have sons, and they will be known as Malavas, after your mother. By your devotion, by your religious rites and your dead husband back to life. No one can equal you. Now return my child.

Savithri’s mind blossomed like a flower. She bowed to Yama and said, "My lord, our mercy is boundless, your have blessed me."

Yama returned to his kingdom.

Savithri - God of Death bowed to her love and devotion and restored her husband to life
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