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‘How I Have slept!’

Savithri came to the place where Sathyavantha lay on the ground. She took his head in her lap as before.

Life returned to Sathyavantha.

Joy flooded Savithri’s heart as life returned to her dead husband and he sat up. He was her life and she lived for him.

Sathyavantha woke up!

Sathyavantha sat up full of wonder. He said, "How is this? When I fell asleep there was day light. Now it has become dark. ? Have I slept so long! How could I do it? I have forgotten my world! I have been asleep!"

He turned to Savithri and said, "My dear, I have slept along time. I slept, as I had never done before. Where is that dark figure whom I saw in my sleep? Have you seen him?"

Savithri-Dearest, it is true that you have slept a long time. That dark figure you saw was none but Yamadharmaraja. All living creatures obey him. He has gone. Now you have rested. If you can walk let us go back to our hermitage.

Sathyavantha – I felt that dark figure carried me away with him. Was it so? Or was it only a dream? Tell me, Savithri what you do know.

Savithri – Me dear, it is so dark that our eyes cannot make out anything. I will tell you everything tomorrow. We came to the forest to collect fuel. We have not returned home though night has fallen. By this time your father and mother will be worried about us. This is the time when rakshasas walk. You can hear the rustle of dry leaves as wild animals move about. The darkness fills me with fear. Come, let us go home.

Sathyavantha – It is so dark I cannot see the way. How can we find the way back home? How can we reach our hermitage?

Savithri - God of Death bowed to her love and devotion and restored her husband to life
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