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An Auspicious Night

In the meanwhile, in the hermitage, Dyumathsena was anxious and alarmed the Sahyavantha had not yet returned. But all of a sudden his sight was restored; he could see clearly. And so, brightness had come back to his life, too, which had grown dark. His joy knew no bounds. But at that glad moment he was worried that his Sathyavantha had not yet returned. Husband and wife were filled with fears for their beloved daughter-in-law, Savithri; they asked again and again, in fear and misery, why Sathyavantha had not yet come back.

They went to every hermitage near by. The slightest sound made them look up eagerly, hoping that their son and his wives were back. They searched every pool and stream. Their feet grew bloodstained as they stepped on stone and thorn.

The elders in the hermitage tried to comfort them with words of hope and good cheer.

And even as their hearts were flooded with fear, Savithri; smiling and radiant, entered with her husband. Every one there was filled excited delight when the young couple came. ‘Why so late? – that was the question on every one’s lips.

Sathyavantha – I was splitting the wood in the forest. All of a sudden I had a severe splitting headache. So I had to lay down. When I woke up it was mid-night. Though it was dark we came here; we knew you would all be worried and unhappy.

There was an elderly man by name Gauthama in the assembly. He said, "Sathyavantha, your father had got back his eyes. There must be some other reason for your delay. Savithri may know the reason. My child, Savithri, tells us what happened, if it is what you may tell others. Yours face is radian."

Savithri – Holy Sir, what you are saying is true. There is nothing secret in this. I will tell you what happened.

"Sage Narada told me a year back that my husband’s life would come to an end today. But by then I had lost my heart to sathyavantha. Without the slightest hesitation I married him. That is why today I went to the forest with Sathyavantha. Sathyavantha lay down because of an unbearable headache. Then Yama snatched away the life of Sathyavantha and left the place. I followed Yama. I praised him with words of truth. Yama graciously granted me five boons. Two boons were that my father-in-law would regain his eyes and his kingdom. The other two boons were that my father would have sons and I, too, would have sons. The fifth boon was the both Sathyavantha and I would live to be four hundred.

"I have been performing religious rites for three days. I performed the rites that my husband might overcome death. All my sorrows have vanished and happiness had dawned. The danger was averted with the blessings of Goddess Savithri and of all of you, my elders."

When they learnt from Savithri all that had happened, her parents-in-law were filed with amazement. Their joy knew no bounds. With a heart overflowing with joy and admiration they blessed Savithri. They were astounded and full of praise for Savithri. They honoured her as the saviour of her father-in-law’s family, a great and pure woman, a wife of perfect devotion.

What might have been a sorrowful night turned into an auspicious and joyful night. Slowly the night passed and the sun rose. All of them were churning the memories of the gladness of the night.

And then they saw a big crowed at a distance. Leading the crowd was a man on horseback.

They well all filled with curiosity.

As he approached, the rider descended form the horse and bowed down to Dyumathsena with great respect. He had been Dyumathsens’s minister.

The minister said, "My lord, I have brought joyful news to you. I defeated your enemy in a war. Your subjects all say, "Let Dyumathsena be our king; even if he has lost his eyes, the eyes of his mind are open.’ I beg of you, Sir, to fulfil our wishes."

Dyumathsena – My subject’s wish is my wish. Service to my people is my joy, too. By God’s grace and by the spiritual power of Savithri I have got back my eyes. Let us make preparations to return to our capital. Let us start at once.

Dyumathsena travelled to his capital with all royal Honours.

Dyumathsena became the maharaja (the king), and Sathyavantha became the Yuvaraja(the crown prince). Savithri saved herself from dire distress and saved her husband, from catastrophe, and also her parents and her husband’s parents.

Single-minded devotion, deep love of her husband, rock-like determination and a will of steel – all these were blended in Savithri. The story of Savithri is the story of the love triumphing over death and the story of the strength that dwells in woman though she is usually considered weak; the story of Savithri is a story that enshrines India’s respect for womanhood.

Savithri's parents-in-law her with a heart overflowting with joy
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