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Fate Is Against Him

By the time Savithri returned to the palace Narada arrived. Narada was a great sage. He could understand the past and foretell the future. He knew everything because he wandered in all the three worlds – earth, heaven and the lower world.

Ashwapathi welcomed Narada with great respect. He washed Narada’s feet with devotion and worshipped him. Just then Savithri returned to the palace. She bowed down to sage Narada and to Ashwapathi.

Narada blessed her. Then he turned to Ashwapathi and said, "Maharaja, where had your daughter gone? You are fortunate to have such a daughter. Have you thought of her marriage?"

Ashwapathi explained everything to Narada and said, "I sent her to choose a husband." He turned to Savithri and said, "My child, tell me, who has won your heart?"

Savithri – Holy Sir, I visited all countries. But nowhere did I find a man who won my heart. At last we came to a forest. There I saw an Young man called Sathyavantha. His farther is Dyumathsena. He was the King of Salvadesha. Now he has lost his two eyes and his kingdom, too, and is in the forest. I have lost my heart to Sathyavantha.

Narada was a great sage and a seer. Ashwapathi looked at Narada and waited for his reply. He wanted to know the opinion of Narada about his daughter’s choice.

Sage Narada sat for a while, with his eyes closed. Then he said, "O King, your daughter’s choice excellent. This young man always speaks the truth and therefore he is called Sathyavantha. From his childhood he has loved horses. So he has another name also – Chithrashwa. He is radiant like the sun, intelligent, most handsome and more patient than the earth, generous and valiant, friendly and free from envy,"

Ashwapathi – Holy Sir, I am very glad to hear your words. You are a wise man. You have told me only of what is commendable in Sathyavantha. Sir, I beg of you to tell me if there is anything agai8nst this match.

Narada grew grave.

Looking at his grave face, Ashwapathi was disturbed. "Great sage, forgive me if I have spoken amiss. I beg if you, sir, to tell me of any drawback you see." He said.

Narada – Ashwapathi, Sathyavantha has no shortcomings. He is a mine of virtues. But fate is against him. He has a short life. His life will come to an end exactly after a year from this day. Not knowing this Savithri has given away her heart to Sathyavantha.

On the one hand Ashwapathi was unhappy not knowing how deny his daughter’s wishes, and on the other hand he was very much disturbed by the words of Narada.

He did not know what to do.

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