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"Bheemasena’s son!"

Subhadra and Abhimanyu were shocked. Was he Bheemasena's son? Alas! What had happened? They were puzzled and distressed. Subhadra said to Hidimbe, "Sister, I do not know who you are. How is it you say he is Bheemasena's son?"

With tears in her eyes, Hidimbe narrated her story. Several years  before when Bheemasena was in Hidimbavana, she had fallen in love with him; her brother was angry and had fought with Bheemasena, and had been killed; she had married Bheemasena.

So Abhimanyu had fought with Bheema's son and wounded him. Subhadra and Abhimanyu were full of grief. Abhimanyu brought water and tried to revive Ghatotkacha. Subhadra said to Hidimbe, "You are then my elder sister. I am Arjunadeva's wife and Krishna's sister. This boy is my son Abhimanyu."

By this time Ghatotkacha regained consciousness. His mother told him everything. At first Ghatotkacha was furious that he had been defeated; but now he was delighted - after all, the great hero has his own younger brother! He took home Subhadra and Abhimanyu and looked after them with great affection. He learnt the reason for they’re leaving Dwarka.

Ghatotkacha was wild with anger when he learnt that Balarama had not kept his word. He said, "Duryodhana sent the Pandavas to the forest and Balarama wants his daughter to marry Duryodhana's son!" He decided that come what might, Abhimanyu should wed her. He took Subhadra and Abhimanyu to Dwarka. He brought Shashirekha and left her with them. Shashirekha also wished to marry Abhimanyu. Both of them were very happy. Duryodhana and Lakshana had to go away because of Ghatotkacha's tricks. Balarama also finally agreed to Shashirekha’s marriage with Abhimanyu. It was a grand wedding.

Thus, even as a young boy, Abhimanyu fought with Ghatotkacha, and showed his prowess.

Veer Abhimanyu - The Great hero who won immortality by his shining heroism in the great 'Mahabharatha' war
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