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Great Poets



The great poet who composed the 'Ramacharita- manasa' His boyhood was in poverty and suffering;but yet he became a great scholar. One of the greatise poets and dramatists in sanskrit. His chronicle of the kings of the Raghy clan ( Rughuvamsha)  the greatplay 'shakuntala' and other works .

Bankim Chandra


One of the greatest novelists of India who gave the poeple the scared mantra - Vande Mataram' The begal Novel practically began with him. Namadeva who lived during the end of the 13th century  is one of the  best known saint poets. Namadeva lived in Constant communion with lord  Panduranga.

Tenali Ramakrishna

Maharshi Valmiki

A Poor orphan in his boyhood, he rose to be the favourite adviser of powerful king. A Scholar and a poet, he exposed superstition and stupid pride ot ridicule The Adikavi, the Poet of Poets, of India, who gave the world the immortal epic, the 'Ramayana'. By Profession a highway robber, he came under the spell of Maharshi Narada and became a 'Brahmarshi'.

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