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Namadeva, who lived during the end of the 13th century and the first half of the 14th in Western Bharat, is one of the countries best known saint poets. A contemporary and associate of Jnanadeva and other great mystics, Namadeva lived in constant communion with Lord Panduranga. Hundreds of 'abhangs' (devotional songs) composed by him are lovingly sung by devout people to this day.

Author - Simpi Linganna


The man with a saintly appearance was having a roti and a little gee for his lunch. A dog came by, snatched the roti from his hand and ran away,

He at once jumped to his feet, and taking the bowl of gee in his hand, he ran behind the dog.

"0, my friend, why do you eat that dry roti? Have some gee also" - shouting like this, he pursued the dog. At long last he was able to catch it. He smeared the roti with gee and fed the dog.

Many were marveled at this sight. Some called him mad. Some laughed at him. Some praised his goodness. Neither they’re derisive laughter nor their praise caught his attention. All that he was interested in was feeding the dog.

This compassionate man was Namadeva the saint. (Saint means a great man whom, with his mind set on God, desiring nothing for himself, leads a pure and good life.) What he saw even in a dog was the element of divinity. He was a great soul. He lived, throughout his life, with the conviction that there is divinity in every living being.

Small wonder then that he who treated a dog with such love preached and practised that all mankind is one.

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Namadeva - One of the country's best known saint poets
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