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The Disappearance of A Treasure

Prafulla Chandra was born on 2nd August 1861 in Raruli-Katipara, a village in the
District of Khulna (now in Bangla Desh). His father - Harish Chandra Ray - a landlord with liberal views, belonged to a wealthy cultured family. His great- grand- father Maniklal Ray a Dewan of the Collector of Krishnaagar. He earned plenty of money. Every now and then he used to send home the East India Company's 'sikka' rupees in big earthen pots. He would cover them with some sweets to avoid the suspicion of dacoits. Prafulla
Chandra's grandfather Anandlal Ray was Sharisthadar of Jessore and added considerably to the family estates. In those days there were no banks where people
could keep their money and jewels; so they used to out them in underground vaults or inside brick walls of their houses. Prafulla Chandra's grandfather and great-grandfather had followed the same custom. But Anandlal Ray died suddenly at Jessore. At once Harish Chandra hurried to the place from Raruli, but the father died before he reached Jessore. So the son could not learn from him where the secret vaults were. So he dug up the floor and opened the walls of the old house in several places for the treasure, but to
no purpose. Prafulla Chandra's mother was not superstitious. But even she once sought the help of a diviner and got a place underneath the staircase dug open. However, no one found tile treasure!

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