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One of the greatest scientists of India. As Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, he guided research of the greatest importance to the country. A born scientist and a beloved teacher.

Author - P.S.V.Shetty

Vikrama Sarabhai

When a great man dies, the first question people ask is: "After him, who?"Generally, this question is soon answered. But, sometimes, it remains without a answer for a longer time because it may be difficult to find another person of such abilities as the dead man. This shows how great the
dead man was.

Homi Jahangir Bhabha was one such man. He was a world-famous physicist. He was the Chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission. Several countries in the world were making atom bombs. Should India also do so? When this question came up, some people said, "It costs a lot of money to make an atom bomb. India is
a poor country and if she spends such huge amounts, she will be in great trouble for money." At such a time Bhabha calculated the cost of making an atom bomb and showed it would not be too expensive and India could produce it. This great scientist died an untimely death in an airplane crash in 1966. Then "Who, after
him?" -this became a big question. Who could replace such a great physicist?

Four months later, every one's answer was: "Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai."

Thus, in 1966, Vikram Sarabhai succeeded Dr. Bhabha as the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission.

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Vikrama Sarabhai - One of the greatest scientists of India
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