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They Stole The Books!

Acharya Madhwa made Udupi his headquarters and was engaged in his philosophical pursuits. He however had to face considerable opposition. When a society reaches a state of stagnation, great men appear on the scene to give it a new drive. Such men who set about making efforts towards the  improvements of the society, though they may become popular, have also to face opposition regarding the principles and approach they advocate. Acharya Madhwa was no exception to this.

Many raised a hue and cry that the Acharya was disturbing the established, ancient order. When people could not confront him successfully on the strength of spiritual texts, some took to shameful and petty ways. Attempts were made to break his ‘danda’. Efforts were also made to kill him with the help of wrestlers Kodinjadi brothers. A smear campaign also took place. But the Acharya could not be cowed down and his opponents had to suffer failure.

By this time, the Acharya had a priceless collection of books. During his travels across the country, he had collected many rare texts for his philosophical research. He has mentioned several such rare works in the books he wrote. His library was a treasured possession. And Padmatirtha went to the extent of stealing these books!

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