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Sages,Rushis & Saints


Samartha Ramadas

One of the greatest philosophers and savants of Bharat. He established four spiritual centres in the four corners of the country, thus upholding the underlying unity of the holy land of Bharat. Shivaji's preceptor and guide, Ramadas imparted to him the message that till we fulfil the required duty towards the motherland. he provide succour and guidance to thousands.



Vasishta was a great ascetic. He was the preceptor of great men like Sri Rama and Harischandra. He had conquered anger and desire. He was a great saint who humbled insolent men. He is the saint who installed the idol of Sri Krishna at Udupi in Karnataka. The philosophy he preached was previously known as 'Tattwavade'. Now it is know as 'Dwaita' 

Veda Vyasa


The 'Mahabharata' remains a marvel in the literature of hte worlod. Veda Vyasa was the sage who gave the world this storehouse of realism, wisdom and compassion. A Great Saint who lived only for his God Vittala. He faced varieties of difficulties wiht astonishing patience. His devotional songs are an invaluable contribution to Marathi spiritual literature.

Ramana Maharshi

Swami Vivekananda

A Great Soul, He left home in boyhood seeking knowledge and peace. Ramana Maharshi was full of compassion for all living beings. He became kindly light to all who came to him seeking peace of mind. The Valiant monk who proclaimed in America the greatness of Hinduism and of Indian culture at a time when the west regarded India as a land of Barbarians. The beloved disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He was the great thinker and mighty man of action.


Dayananda Saraswathi

A Sage of the Vedic period - a great seer who attained extraordinary scholarship and power of meditation. An enlightened man who used his might for punishing the wicked and protecting the poor and the weak. The founder of hte Arya Samaj. The great sage who sought to restore to Hinduism its natural radiance and wisdom. A fearless reformer. he saved the man who poisoned him. so boundless was his goodness.



Parashurama - the epic hero with an axe -  was  a real 'Yama' ( God of Death)  to the evil and arrogant. He traversed and earth twenty-one times and punished hte evil - doers who were harrassing the people. Parashurama is recognised as one of the immortals an dan incarnation of God Vishnu. Chief exponent of hte Vishishtadvaita school of Vedanta and great social reformer. " If i can bring deliverance ot so many, I do not mind being condemned to hell," he said, and spread his spiritual message to eventhe lowliest of classes of poeple. He established the yatiraja Math and the Cheluva- narayanaswami temple at Melkote in Karnataka.

Ramasingh Kuka


Ram Singh was a religious leader and a good preceptor. He preached purity of body and purity of mind. He himself practised both. He opposed lavish spending at marriages and taught people to help the poor. He also worked against British Empire and breathed his last in a far-off prison. Vishwamitra quarrelled wiht Vashishta and was defeated. But Vashishta himself named him as a Brahmarshi. He tested the truthfulness of Harischandra. in him we see a confluence of three high qualities - valour, knowledge and sympathy - which have made him great.



The young prince who gave up power, position and money to follow hte path of Jainish. He spent twelve long years in strict meditation and became a light to millions. The mighty sage to hwom the moutain bowed, and who drank the sea empty. He humbled the arrogant and punished the wicked. He is the symbol of man's heroism and confident strength.

Vedanta - Deshikar


A Great scholar and saint who lived about six hundred years ago. His personality was a blend of immense scholarship and a matching devotion of God.Love for mankind marked his eventful life;  and he was full of piety and humility. A great and famous saint who is known as the founder of Karnataka. When people had lost all hope, he proved inspirationto Hakka and Bukka who filled the people with hope and courage. He stove to strong-then the foundations of the empire of Vidyanagar.



A holy personage and celestial musician, always facilitating the good of the world; engaged in aiding hte pious in times of challenge and in hastening theretribution of evil-doers. Traversing the three worlds, he spread the Path of Devotion to the Lord. The revolutionary who taught that right conduct is heaven. he declared that work is worship and taught the ideals of simple living and the equality of all men. And he practised what he preached.


Narayana Guru

A Brahmarshi. The master mind that produced 'Shukla Yajurveda'. He was the master who guided thousands of persons, from king Janaka tot he commonest students on the path of Enlightment. The Saint - reformer, who led a quiet but significant social revolution. A Champion of the humble and the downtrodden, he gave the watchwords : " One people, one Dharma, One God for all men."


He sought knowledge at a very tender age.His father one day told him " I have gifted you to the Lord of Death.' This curse turned out to be a boon. He met the lord of Death and by his humility won him and leart the secrets of spiritual life. He is a true sage and a beacon- light for others in the path of knowledge.
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