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He is the saint who installed the idol of Sri Krishna at Udupi in Karnataka. The Philosophy he preached was previously known as ‘ Tattawavada’. Now it is known as ‘Dwaita’. He lived seven hundred years ago. He boldly said to a Muslim king: "By whatever name you may call, God is One." He maintained that one’s religion is not decided by birth but by his nature and personality. The Acharya’s knowledge, scholarship and achievements made him a great savant.

Author - Bannanje Govindacharya


This happened seven hundred years ago. Islam religion was already spreading in some parts of northern Bharat.

On the coast of river Ganga, there was a kingdom ruled by a Muslim king. (Scholars guess that he might have been Jalaluddin Khilji). He kept a large army along the coast to guard the kingdom. There were no boats to cross the river. The ruler was concerned that spies room t e neighboring in u kingdom might enter his province. This is why such guards were positioned there.

On the other side of the river, there stood a majestic-looking 'sannyasi' (monk) with his followers. The disciples were worried: how to cross the river? The master understood their concern and gently told them: "Don't be afraid. We are here to swim across the river of life. Can't you even cross the Ganga? Follow me into the waters without fear."

The commander of the Muslim State saw them and told his men: "They must be spies from the neighboring state wearing the garb of monks. We should finish them off before they reach this shore."

The leader of the monks noted their concern and in a loud voice told them: "Do not be hasty and drown yourselves. We are only a few in number. Why should you fear us? We are only coming to see your king and not to fight you." 

The soldiers stood surprised. They saw the ‘sannyasi’ leading his people boldly through the swirling waters of Ganga safely. Hundreds of swordwielding soldiers surrounded them’.

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Madhwacharya- The saint who installed the idol of Sri Krishna..
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