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A young prince who gave up power, position and money to the path of Jainism. He spent twelve long years in strict meditation and became a light to

Author - Hampa. Nagarajaiah


Kundapura was a suburb of Vaishali, the capital of the Lichchavi Republic. On the outskirts of the town was a large grove of banyan trees. In the center of that grove was a very big tree.

One morning its branches were of boys who had climbed the tree. They were so deeply interested in their games that they had forgotten the whole world. One of the boys standing below looked up. At once he screamed, "A serpent, a serpent, a python!" He threw away stick in his hand and began to run.

The boys on the tree top were frightened. Right from the center of the trunk a serpent was moving down! At once all the boys jumped down and ran towards the town.

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Mahaveer- A young prince, who gave up everything to follow the path of Jainism
About Mahaveer
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