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He was a brave lad. He sought knowledge at a very tender age. He persuaded Yama the God of Death to teach him. His father lost his temper one-day and toldNachiketa, 'I have gifted you to the Lord of Death.' This curse turned out to be a boon. He met the Lord of Death and by his humility won him over and learnt the secrets of spiritual life from him. He is a true sage and a beacon-light for others 'in he path of knowledge.

Author - Kaipu Lakshminarasimha Sastri


He was a young lad. Naturally there we many things yet to be learnt by him.

But the sages around were full of praise for the boy. They were congratulating the father for having begotten such a son.

This boy not only learnt the secrets of Knowledge from the Lord of Death (Yama) himself but was complimented by him too. Such is the story of our hero Nachiketa.

Knowledge is the only real wealth in this world. Those who acquire this wealth and distribute it to others are the real great men. Nachiketa acquired such knowledge at a Very tender age. He helped its spreading too. He has been regarded as a sage on this count.

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Nachiketa - A Brave Lad who sought knowledge at a very tender age..
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