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A holy personage and celestial musician, always facilitating the good of the world; engaged in aiding the pious in times of challenge and in hastening the retribution of evil-doers. Traversing the three worlds, he spread the Path of Devotion to the Lord. Figuring in all major epics, he led many noble souls to salvation.

Author - N.Ranganatha Sharma


"Keep your army as well as the weaponry always in readiness... Be kind to your servants in order to win their hearts.... Always be prompt in paying the wages of the soldiers and servants. Never spend more than what you earn. Build lakes and canals and provide the farmers with all facilities."

Don't the above words seem like the advice of a modern political pundit to a senior administrator of a state? Army, weaponry, income-expenditure, farmers, lakes and canals - who is it that gave the above counsel?

It was indeed Narada, who is generally considered as a quarrel-monger and a talebearer.

The wise words quoted above were addressed by Narada to king Yudhishthira, in the epic Mahabharata.

The name of saint Narada is well known. Narada appears in every 'Purana' (ancient epic-tale). There is not a religious discourse or pouranic play or Yakshagana without the entry of Narada. No story is complete without Narada! Without Narada the story fails to sustain interest.

Usually Narada makes his characteristic entry with a Veena (stringed musical instrument in his hand and the name of Lord Narayana on his lips. He appears in the stories pertaining to all the three yugas, namely - Krita, Treta and Dwapara.

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Narada -  A holy personage and celestial musician, engaged in aiding pious in times of challenge.
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