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Shivaji's preceptor and guide, Ramadas imparted to him the message that till we fulfil the required duty towards the motherland, we should not think of the other world. By means of his religious discourses and keertans, he provided succor and guidance to thousands.

Author - Anantha Kallola

Samartha Ramadas

The night was calm and serene. That night there was a religious discourse by Tukaram. People from all the surrounding villages had gathered to hear the discourse. Shivaji Maharaja was also present. People would forget themselves when listening to the discourses of Tukaram. It would be so enchanting.

At last Tukaram sang the mangala. Shivaji Maharaja got up from his seat, moved a step or two and bowed down at the feet of Tukaram. "Blessed I am by the nectar of your words. I realized that this kingdom and my rule over it are all insignificant compared to Sankeertana (glorification) of Lord Vittala. Maharaja, release me from the barren responsibility of this sword and armor. I too would like to spend the rest of my life in the Sankeertana of Vittala. Teach me the Nama-Sankeertana."

Sant Tukaram, saint among saints, was neither happy nor surprised at the words Of Shivaji Maharaja. On the other hand he was very much hurt. "How could it be? What would happen if Shivaji were to abandon his sword and adorn his hands with Tamboora!"-Tukaram thought. Patting Shivaji on the back, he said, "Up, up! Only Samartha Ramadas can be your worthy Guru. He will tell you what your next course of action is to be. See him, and follow his advice. He is your real guide and Guru."

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Samartha Ramadas - Shivaji's Preceptor and guide..
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