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Defeated By Harishchandra

Vishwamitra created two beautiful dancing girls and sent them to the place where the king was camping. They purposefully talked with the king in a haughty manner.
Harishchandra became angry and turned them out with beatings. As per his plan Vishwamitra appeared before king Harishchandra and said, "You have beaten my daughters." As punishment for this either he should marry these low-cast girls or he took away the kingdom arid then demanded the money he had been gifted earlier. Harishchandra did not want to marry them. He gave away all that he had including his throne and treasury.

But that was not enough. Vishwamitra gave him time up to forty-eight days to make up the remaining gold. Harishchandra left his kingdom with his wife and son. Vishwamitra sent his disciple Nakshatraka along with them to trouble and tease them.

Harishchandra came to Kashi. He sold his wife and son, and then sold himself to slavery and paid the entire amount of gold due to Nakshatraka.

His new master made Harishchandra the watchman of the cremation-ground. His son Lohitashwa died due to snakebite and Chandramati brought the dead body for
cremation. At first Harishchandra did not recognize his wife. He demanded the prescribed fee for the cremation. Chandramati's griefstricken words revealed the tragedy in full. But still Harishchandra demanded the fee, which rightfully belonged to his master. Chandramati returned to the town to arrange for that small amount. On the way the king's soldiers arrested her on the charge of murdering the Prince of Kashi. The king sentenced her to death. Execution was the duty of Harishchandra as the watchman of the cremation-ground. Harishchandra did not hesitate to perform his duty. He raised the sword to behead her.

All of a sudden Vishwanantha, the Lord of all the Worlds, appeared there. Lohitashwa was given back his life. Harichandra's truthfulness was extolled by Vishwanatha
himself. Vishwamitra too blessed Harishchandra, gave back his riches and kingdom and went away to his own hermitage.

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