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Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi

Varanasi is among the oldest living cities in the world, it is also the holiest a 'Hindu pilgrimages. Thousands come daily to Varanasi to take a ritual dip in the river Ganga, to cleanse their souls of sins and to worship tit its, many temples.

Varanasi is so old that it is a part of Indian mythology and finds mention in the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. Through the ages Varanasi was also known variously as Avimuktaka, Anandakanana, Mahasmasana, Surandhana, Brahma Vardha, Sudarsana, Ramya and Kasi - the city of light. Its present identity is derived from the two tributaries of the Ganga, Varuna and Asi that join the river along the northern and southern periphery of the city. Today Varanasi is ‘Kasi', the ultimate pilgrimage for thousands of devotees around the country, while to urban India it continues to be the popular 'Benaras'.

Nearly 5000 years ago, Kasikanda described the glory of the city in 15, 000 verses in the Skanda Purana. In it Lord Shiva says, 'the three worlds form one city of mine and Kasi is my royal palace therein'. As Shiva’s abode Varanasi has always been venerated. It is believed that the jyoti linga in its Kasi Vishwanath Temple goes back to the time of the epics. The temple itself is of more recent origin. Successive invasions starting with the destruction of the city in 1193 by Mohammed Ghori and ending with the plunder of Benaras by Warren Hastings nearly 600 years later; saw the temple being built and rebuilt a number of times. The present temple was constructed by Rani Ahalya Bai Holkar, the ruler of Indore, in 1776. A few years later in 1835, at the instance of the Sikh ruler of Lahore, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the temple shikara was gilded with gold leaf. Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
It is not just the Hindus who venerate Varanasi today, for the city has links with Buddhism and Jainism as well. It was at Sarnath close by that Buddha preached his first sermon nearly 25 centuries ago. Lord Mahavir also revealed his Jain philosophy at Kasi. It was here too that Shankaracharya wrote his commentaries on Hinduism, leading to the great Hindu revival.

Varanasi has always been a centre of trade and commerce famous for its silks and brocades and in the 19th century, Lord Macaulay was to describe it as a "city which, in wealth, population, dignity and sanctity was among the foremost in Asia". He went on to give a glimpse of its commercial importance saying, "all along the shore lay great fleets of vessels laden with rich merchandise. From the looms of Benaras went forth the most delicate silks, that adorned the halls of St. James and of Versailles, and in the bazaars, the muslins of Bengal and sabres of Oude were mingled with the jewels of Golconda and the shawls of Cashmere ". Such was the wealth of Benaras. Even today the city exerts a fascination that is unique in India – attracting visitors from around India and abroad.
Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
The Ghats

The living pulsating heart of he city, the ghats, are wide tone steps that descend to the river for almost 5 km along the west bank, affording a secure bathing platform for devotees whatever the level of the water. At any point of the day these steps are a kaleidoscope of colour, a shifting pattern of pilgrims on their way to and from the river. Here people consult the pandas or priests under their palm leaf umbrellas or buy offerings for rituals. Rising as a backdrop to all this activity is the magnificent superstructure of temples, havelis and the domes and minarets of mosques. A labyrinth of narrow lanes behind these buildings link the ghats to the rest of the city. Wandering through this maze can be fascinating. Shops sell rich brocaded silks, brassware and also all the articles essential for worship at the numerous little shrines.

Viewing the ghats early in the morning from a boat on the river can be an unforgettable experience. They emerge out of the mist like a dream, to be bathed in the golden glow of the rising sun - an image that leaves an indelible imprint on one's being. The mist clears, the light is brighter and the ghats reverberate with the chant of mantras, the sound of bells and the cries of the vendors. An aroma of incense sticks, oil lamps and flowers fills the air. At dusk too the ghats are magical, as hundreds of little lamps float out on the river as offerings.
Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Varanasi has nearly 100 ghats. Many are bathing ghats but at the others, cremations are conducted. According to Hindu belief, dying at Kasi ensures release from the eternal cycle of birth and rebirth.

Many of these ghats, temples and serais were built when the Marathas controlled the city and the Scindias, the Peshwas, Holkars and Bhonsles stand out as patrons of present day Varanasi. Even today many of the ghats are privately owned. The Shivala or Kali Ghat is still owned by the former Maharaja of Varanasi.

The main bathing ghats are Assi, Dasaswamedh, Barnasangam, Panchaganga and Manikarnika. To bathe at these five ghats in this order in a day is known as the panch thirtha yatra.
Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Various legends are associated with the ghats and it is believed that Dasaswamedh Ghat is where Lord Brahma sacrificed 10 horses in a yagya (Das- 10, aswa-horses, medh-sacrifice). At the Manikarnika Ghat Lord Vishnu is said to have dug a pit with his chakra and while performing various penances filled it with his perspiration. As Lord Shiva watched him, his earring (manik) fell into the pit-giving the ghat the name of Manikarnika. Lord Vishnu's footprints are said to be preserved at Chakrapushkarini which is close by. Another interesting Ghat to visit is the Man Mandir Ghat. It was built in 1770 by Jai Singh of Jaipur the intrepid astronomer, who erected one of his unusual observatories here. The Mansarover Ghat was also built by a princely patron—Man Singh of Amber. The Bachraj Ghat is used by Jain devotees for it has three river bank Jain temples. Above the Kedar Ghat another popular shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva is known as Kedareshwar.

Other important ghats include the Hanuman Ghat with temples to Hanuman and Kanchi Kam Kotishwara (the Shankaracharya Math is near by). The Tulsi Ghat is dedicated to Tulsi Das who wrote the 'Ram Charit Manas' a translation of the Ramayana into Hindi and the Lalita Ghat has a beautiful temple built in carved wood by the late King of Nepal (which is also known as the Nepalese Temple).

Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Places Of Worship

Varanasi is the city of a thousand temples. The main object of all devotees is the Kasi Vishwanath Temple built for the presiding deity of Varanasi. The temple was destroyed in 1669 by the Emperor Aurangzeb who built the Gyanvapi Mosque on its site, but the ancient linga was removed and hidden in a well by a priest. The present temple, constructed in 1776 by Rani Ahalya Bai, is also popularly known as the Golden Temple for its gold shikara. Close to this shrine is a temple to Sanichar (Saturn) where offerings are made to appease the deity in times of trouble, and the Annapurna Temple dedicated to the goddess of anna or grain. The Dhundiraj Ganesh is another important temple on Vishwanath Lane.

The Sakshi Vinayaka Temple is where devotees go on completion of the Panchakosi circuit, a cirambulation of the city, to pay their homage to Lord Ganesh. There are about 56 Vinayaka temples in all, dedicated to the Lord Ganapati. Among them are the Siddha Vinayaka at the Manikarnika Ghat, the Kark Vinayaka Temple, the Durga Vinayaka near the Durga Temple and Abhayapad Vinayaka located near the Dasaswamedh Ghat.

Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
The Tulsi Manas Temple a modem structure in marble is dedicated to Lord Rama. The temple is located on the site where Tulsidas lived and composed his Ram Charit Manas. Built in 1964, the walls of the temple are embellished with scences from the Ramayana and verses from the epic.

The Sankat Mochan Temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is very popular with the local citizens.

The New Vishwanath Temple is located in the campus of the Benars Hindu University. A replica of the original temple, this shrine was built by the industrialist family of Birla. The temple is open to people of all religions and creeds.

The Durga Temple is one of the important places of worship at Varanasi. Built in the Nagara style in the 18th century, it is otherwise known as the Monkey Temple. The Kaal Bhairav Temple dedicated to the more terrifying aspect of Lord Shiva is located at Visheswarganj. There are nine more temples to Bhairav in the city.

The Bharatmata Temple is an unusual shrine for it is dedicated to Mother India and has a large relief map of India carved in marble within. Located near the Durga Kund is the beautiful marble tomb of the famous yogi, Swami Baskarananand.

Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Other famous temples include the Bindu Madhav Temple near the Panchaganga Ghat and the Tailang Swami Math.

Other places of interest in Varanasi include the Alamgir Mosque built by the Emperor Aurangzeb above the Panchaganga Ghat in the 17th century. An interesting edifice since it incorporates Muslim and Hindu styles of architecture. The original temple here was built by Beni Madhav Rao Scindia so this mosque is also known as Beni Madhav Ka Darera.

The great mosque of Aurangzeb, the Gyanvapi Mosque is a magnificent structure with tall minarets. The back of the mosque has exquisite example of ancient Hindu temple art.

Varanasi has always been a great centre of learning and culture. It was here that Patanjali wrote his treatise pm Sanskrit grammer the great poets Tulasidas and Kabir wrote their works.

Today the Benaras Hindu University is perhaps the largest residential university in Asia with 32 areas of study. Laid out on an extensive campus of over 2000 acres donated by the Maharaja of Benaras in the early part of the century, it was founded by the scholar Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya. The University is noted for its studies in Sanskrit and in Indian culture, including art and music and attracts students from India and abroad.
Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi

The Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum on the campus of the Benaras Hindu University is noted for its splendid collections of sculpture and terracotta from places like Mathura, Sarnath, Khajuraho, miniature paintings and manuscripts.

Tel: 307622-30

The Fort Museum at Ramnagar Fort has displays of arms, costumes, palanquins and royal memorabilia.

Tel: 339322

The ABC Gallery located near the Tulsi Manas Mandir has in exhibition of contemporary art.

Tel: 310434, 310967

Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi

Ramnagar Fort (16 Km): Located across the River Ganga is the attractive fort of Ramnagar. Still the residence of the former Maharaja of Varanasi, the fort has an interesting museum. The festival of Dussehra is also celebrated here in the royal tradition.

Tel: 339322

Sarnath (10 Km): The tranquil Deer Park at Sarnath is where the Buddha preached his first sermon. Sarnath became one of the great centres of Buddhism and the Emperor Ashoka erected magnificent stupas and structures here. The Chines scholar Huien Tasang who came to Sarnath in 640 AD was to write of the splendour of the city. Rediscovered and excavated in 1836, Sarnath is once again a place of pilgrimage where visitors come to pay homage to the great teacher.

Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Around Sarnath

Dhamekh Stupa: The imposing stupa 39 m high was probably erected in 200 BC in the Mauryan era. Rebuilt a number of times, the geometric and floral patterns on the stupa belong to the later Gupta period.

Ashoka Pillar: Erected by the Emperor Ashoka, the pillar had his edict engraved on it. At one time is stood over 17 m high. Its capital with the four lions back to back – the official symbol of modern India, can be seen in the museum at Sarnath.

Moolgandha Kunti Vihara: Built in more recent times by the Mahabodhi Society, it has a life-size statue of the Lord Buddha in the Dharmachakra Pravatan form.

Chaukhandi Stupa: This stupa was rebuilt by the Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Dhamarajika Stupa: Only the ruins of this stupa built by Emperor Ashoka can be seen today.

Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Bodhi Tree: Grown from a sapling of the famous tree in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, which is believed to be a progeny of the original tree at Bodh Gaya, under which the Lord Buddha attained enlightenment.

Other Temples: Modern temples and viharas built in the Tibetan, Thai, Chinese, Burmese and Japanese styles are also found here.

Museum: Constructed in 1910, the museum displays the capital from the Ashokan pillar and other relics found on the site including sculpture from the various periods - Mauryan, Kushana, Gupta and later. They include the earliest Buddha image found at Sarnath, Buddha figures in various postures dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries and images of Hindu gods such as Saraswati, Ganesh and Vishnu from 9th to 12th centuries.

Tel: 585002, 586432

Sarnath has a Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies. Established in 1971 for the study and preservation of Tibetan culture, this Centre has a rich collection of Tibetan manuscripts and modem Tibetan publications and books. A deemed university it attracts students from India and abroad for study and research.

Tel: 585148, 585150, 585242
Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Chunar Fort (42km): Strategically located, the magnificent battlements of the fort overlook the river. This vantage point, occupied since early times dates back to Vikramaditya of Ujjain 56 BC. Chunar is also famous for its sandstone and the material for Emperor Ashoka's pillars were once quarried here. The fort has seen dramatic events in more recent times. Akbar attacked it in 1575 and the fort later assed into the possession of the Nawabs of Oudh. Finally the British captured it in 1764.

Jaunpur (58 km): Founded by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1360 to protect the eastern borders of he Delhi Sultanate, Jaunpur is noted for its fine monuments and famous for its ittar industry. Places of interest around Jaunpur include the Atala Masjid, Jami Masjid, Khalis Mukhlis Masjid, Lal Darwaza Masjid, Yamdagni Ashram, Shitala Choukhiya Dham.

The immense Akbari bridge built in the 16th century still stands tall with its 15 arches - a testimony to the building skills of that time. A sculpture of a lion and elephant engaged in battle at one end of the bridge served once as a milestone.

Located on the main rail line between Varanasi and Lucknow, Jaunpur is easily accessible by rail and by road. The town as hotels, lodges and restaurants.

Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi

Panchakosi Pilgrimage

(January- February): Thousands of devotees walk the 75.2 km route around Varanasi visiting 108 shrines along the way. The main shrines are Gyanvapi, Karmadeshwar, Bhimchandi, Rameshwar, Shivpur, Kapildhara and Manikarnika. This pilgrimage is said to be equivalent to circling the entire world.

Buddha Poornima

(May-June): A large fair is held at Sarnath to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. The relics of the Enlightened One are on view just for this day and are taken out in procession.

Shivratri (Feb-March): A day of great celebration in the city of Lord Shiva. Fairs spring up, people observe fasts and visit the temples.

The Rath Yatra (June-July): It is observed at the same time as the famous festival at the Jagannath Temple at Puri in Orissa.

Dussehra (Sep-Oct.): It is celebrated in royal style at the Ramnagar Fort for one month.

Bharat Milap (October): Celebrates the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya and the reunion with his brother Bharat. It is observed on the day after Dussehra at Nati Imli. The former Maharaja of Varanasi comes to the event riding on an elephant.

Chetganj Nakkataiya (Oct. - Nov.): Commemorates an event from the Ramayana when Lord Ram's brother Lakshman cut off the nose of the demoness Surpanakha.

Naganathaiya (November): The victory of Lord Krishna over the serpent king Kalia is celebrated at the Tulsi Ghat every year.
Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi

Varanasi is a noted centre for silk weaving and brassware. Fine silks and brocaded fabrics, exquisite saris, brassware, jewellery, woodcraft, carpets, wall hangings, lamp shades and masks of Hindu and Buddhist deities are some of Varanasi's shopping attractions. The main shopping areas include the Chowk, Godaulia, Vishwanath Lane, Lahurabir, Thatheri Bazaar, etc.

For details contact: Government of India Tourist Office, Varanasi
Tel: 343744

Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi

Varanasi is well connected and accessible by air, rail and road.

By Air

Well connected by air to other major cities. The airport at Babatpur is 22 km from the city.

Indian Airlines flights include the popular daily flight, Delhi - Agra - Khajuraho – Varanasi and back. There are also flights to Mumbai and Lucknow and daily flights to Kathmandu.

Sahara Airlines also has flights to Calcutta, Mumbai and Lucknow.

Jet Airways operates flights to Delhi and Khajuraho.

Car rental, pre-paid taxis and airport bus services are available at the airport.

Indian Airlines

52, Yadunath Marg, Varanasi
Cantt. Tel: 345959, 348637
Airport Office: Tel: 622090

Sahara Airlines

Mint House, (opp. Taj Ganges), Varanasi Cantt.
Tel: 343094, 342355
Airport Office
Tel: 622334, 622081

Jet Airways

Krishnayatan Building,
1st Floor, Kenedy Road,
The Mail, Varanasi Cantt.
Tel: 511444, 511555
Airport Office:
Tel: 622588, 622577

Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
By Rail

A major railway junction on the Northern and North-Eastern Railways, Varanasi, is linked to major cities all over India.

Though the city has 3 railway stations, Varanasi Junction or Varanasi Cantt. is the main station which has computerised booking. Most Delhi-Calcutta trains pass through Varanasi or Mughal Sarai, 18 km away.

Railway reservations (at Varanasi Cantt.):

Tel: 348132,348032,348131
Train enquiry, Tel: 131
Reservation status, Tel: 135
Mughal Sarai, Tel: 911-55703

Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
By Road

Varanasi is well connected by road to major cities in UP and Bihar and is located on three National Highways - NH2 from Calcutta to Delhi, NH7 to Kanyakumari and NH29 to Gorakhpur.

Some destinations within easy each are:

Allahabad - 128 km
Lucknow - 320 km
Kanpur - 320km
Agra - 606 km
Patna - 252km
Bodh Gaya - 243km
Lumbini (Nepal) - 335 km
Khajuraho - 411 km
Delhi - 765km
Sonauli - 305km
Rihand Dam - 160km
Renukut - 175km
Shakti Nagar – 225 Km and Calcutta – 681 km.
Sarnath is only 10 km away.

Bus Services: UPSRTC has bus services to nearby towns like Allahabad, Bareilly, Jhansi Lucknow, Kanpur, Gaya, Gorakhpur, Lumbini, Mirzapur and Patna.

UPSRTC Bus Stand is located on Sher Shah Suri Marg, Varanasi Cantt. Tel: 343476. Buses to various near by destinations are also available from opposite the Railway Station.

Local Transport

The city bus services cover most areas. Godaulia is the midtown bus stop close to the ghats. Lanka is the stop for the Benaras Hindu University. Auto-rickshaws and tempos operate on fixed routes. Non metered taxis are available for transport around the city and for outside excursions.

Conducted Tours

Contact Government of India
Tourist Office, 15 B, The Mall,
Varanasi, Tel: 343744

Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi

Varanasi offers accommodation in different ranges to suit varying budgets, from luxury hotels to small lodges along the lanes behind the ghats.

Deluxe Hotels
(Government approved)

Taj Ganges (5 star)
Nadesar Palace Grounds
Tel.: 345 100-118,
Fax: 322067

Clarks Varanasi (5 star)
The Mall,
Tel.: 348501 (10 lines)
Fax: 348186

Varanasi Ashok (ITDC) (4 star)
The Mall,
Tel.: 346020-30,
Fax: 348089

Hindustan International (4 star)
Tel.: 351484 - 90
Fax: 350931

Hotel de Paris
15, The Mall,
Tel: 346601 - 08

Pallavi International (3 star)
Hathwa Palace, Chetganj
Tel.: 356939 - 43
Fax: 322943

Vaibhav (3 star)
Patel Nagar,
Tel.: 346477, 346588

India (3 Star)
Patel Nagar,
Tel.: 343309, 342912 - 3

Best Western Kashika
The Mail,
Tel: 348091-2
Fax: 348685

Pradeep (2 star)
Tel.: 204963,204594
Fax: 204898
Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Standard Hotels

Tel: 330581,330040

Diamond, Bhelupura
Tel: 310696,99

Siddhartha, Sigra
Tel: 358161,351852

Padmini International
Tel: 220079,222274

Tel: 206450,206239

Tel: 348330,343014

Lahurabir, Tel: 344376,343686

New International
Tel: 358261,350805,350705

Tourist Dak Bungalow
Tel: 345685
Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Budget Hotels

Tourist Bungalow (UPSTDC)
Parade Kothi, Cantt.
Tel: 343413,341162,
Fax: 511638

Tourist Bungalow (UPSTDC)
Sarnath, Tel: 586965
Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Information Centres

Government of India Tourist Office
15-13, The Mail,
Tel /Fax - 343 744
(Week days 9.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. Saturday 9.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m.)

Government of India Information Counter,
Babatpur Airport
(Open during flight arrivals)

U.P. Government Tourist Office
Parade Kothi, Near Varanasi
Cantt Railway Station
Tel: 343413, 341162
Fax: 511638

U.P. Government Tourist Information Counter
Varanasi Railway Station,
Tel: 346370

Bihar Government Tourist Office
Englishia Line, Opp. Cantt
Railway Station
Tel: 223821

Foreigner's Registration Office
Srinagar Colony,
Siddhagiri Bagh,
Tel: 351968
Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
General Information
Area 73.89 Sq. Kms Altitude  80.71 Meters above sea level Temperature Max Min Summer 43 C 32 C Winter 15 C 5 C Rain Fall 111 Cms annually (approx) Summer Cottons Winter Woolens Languages Hindi, English STD Code 0542
Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Government Of India Tourist Offices

In India

Agra (Uttar Pradesh)

Sh. P.K.Chaudhury
191, The Mall, Agra 282 001
Tel:(0562) 363959
Tel/Fax: 363377

Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Krishna Vilas, Station Road,
Aurangabad 431 005
Tel: (02432) 331217

Bangalore (Karnataka)

Mr. A. Azeem
KFC Building, 48, Church Street,
Bangalore 560 001, Karnataka
Tel/Fax: (080) 5585417

Bhubaneswar (Orissa)

Mr. Anil Oraw
B/21, B.J.B. Nagar
Bhubaneswar 751 014 Orissa
Tel: (0674) 432203

Bombay (Mumbai)

123, M Karve Road
Opp.Church Gate
Mumbai 400 020 Maharashtra
Tel: (002) 2083263
E-mail: Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Calcutta (West Bengal)

Mr. A.K.Baneerjee
Embassy' ,4, Shakespeare Sarani.
Calcutta 700 071
West Bengal.
Tel: (033) 2821402, 2821475,
Fax: (033) 2823521

Cochin (Kochi)

Willingdon Island
Kochi 682009
Tel:(033) 2821402, 2821475
E-mail :

Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

154, Anna Salai, Chennai 600 002,
Tel: (044) 8524295, 8510459,
Fax: (044) 8522193

Kamaraj (Domestic) Airport

Tel: 2340386
Anna International Airport
Tel: 2345801

Guwahati (Assam)

Mrs. Roma Singh Nongpiur
G.L Publication Complex
G.S. Road, Guwahati - 781007
Tel/Fax: (0361) 547407

Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

Mr. M.V. Babu
3-6-369/A-30, Sandozi Building,
2nd Floor, 26, Himayatnagar.
Hyderabad 500 029,
Tel: (040) 7630037

Imphal (Manipur)

Mr. J.S. Hari Singh
Old Lambulane, Jail Road,
Imphal 795 001,
Tel/Fax: (03852) 221131 Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
State Hotel, Khasa Kothi,
Jaipur 302 001,
Tel /Fax: (0141) 372200

Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh)

Near Western Group of Temples,
Khajuraho 471 606
Tel: (07686) 42347, 42348

Kochi (Kerala)

Willingdon Island, Kochi 682 009.
Tel: (0484) 668352

Mumbai (Maharashtra)

123 M Karve Road, Opp.
Churchgate Mumbai 400 020
Tel: (022) 2033144, 2033145,
Fax: (022) 2014496

Naharlagun (Arunachal Pradesh)

Sector 'C’, Naharlagun 791 110,
Tel: (03781) 44328
New Delhi Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
New Delhi

Domestic Airport Counter
Tel: (011) 5665296
International Airport Counter
Tel: (011) 5691171

Panaji (Goa)

Sh.Syed Iqbal
Commundade Building,
Church Square, Panaji 403 001,
Tel: (0832) 223412

Patna (Bihar)

Sudama Palace, Kankar Bagh Road,
Patna 800 020,
Tel/Fax: (0612) 345776

Port Blair (Andaman And Nicobar Islands)

VIP Road, 189 11 Floor, Junglighat
Port Blair 744 103
Tel: (03192) 33006

Shillong (Meghalaya)

Mr.Sudhir Kumar
Tirot Singh Sylem Road,
Police Bazaar, Shillong 793 001,
Tel/Fax: (0364) 225632

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)

Airport Counter
Tel: (0471) 451498

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)
Mr. J.P.Shaw
15-B, The Mall, Varanasi 221 002,
Uttar Pradesh.
Tel/Fax: (0542) 343744 Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi

Argentina (Buenos Aires)

950, Cordoba - #9 A,(1054) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: 00541- 3285143 / 5391

Australia (Sydney)

Level 2, Piccadilly, 210 Pitt Street,
Sydney, New South Wales- 2000,
Australia. Tel: 0061-2-92644855
Fax: 0061-2-92644860

Canada (Toronto)

60, Bloor Street, West Suite 1003, Toronto, ONTA-RIO
M4 V3, BC,
Tel: 001-416-962-3787/3788
Fax: 001-416-962-6279

France (Paris)

11-13 Bis Boulevard Hausmann
F-76009 Paris, France
Tel: 0033-145233045
Fax: 0033-145233345

Germany (Frankfurt)

Sh.Suman Sharma
Basolar Strasse 48,D-60329,
Frankfurt AM MAIN -1,
Federal Republic of Germany
Tel 0049-69-2429490
Fax. 0049-69-24294977
E-mail: Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
Israel (Tel Aviv)

Sh. Gajendar Kumar
Sharbat House – E - 5
4, Kaufman Street,
Tel Aviv - 68012, Israel
Tel: 00972-3-5101407
Fax: 00972-5100894


Sh.Jagdish Chander
Via-Albricci 9, Milan 21022, Italy
Tel. 0039-2-8053506
Fax. 0039-2-7202168l

Japan (Tokyo)

Smt. P.Sivakami
Pearl Building, 7-9-18, Ginza
Chuo-Ku Tokyo 104, Japan
Tel: 0081-33-671-5197
0081-33-571-5196 / 5062 / 63
Fax: 0081-33-471-5235

The Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Rokin 9-15, 1012 KK Amsterdam
Tel: 0031-20-6208991
Fax: 0031-20-6383059

Russia (Moscow)

Sh. J.S.Chihan
20, Petrovskie Linii, Building-1,
Suite 32, Moscow-103051,
Tel: 007-095-2003581/2003579
Fax: 007-095-2003071
E-mail: Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi

Sh. Shoeb Samad
20, Kraniat Lane, # 01-O1A
United House, Singapore-228773
Tel: 0065-235-3800
Fax: 0065-235-8677

South Africa (Johannesburg)

Sh. V. P. Gupta
P.O. Box - 412542, Craig Hall 2024
Johannesburg-2000, South Africa
Tel: 0027-11-3250880
Fax 0027-11-3250881

Spain (Madrid)

Sh. A. M.Basheer
Avenida Pio XII 30-32,
Madrid 28016, Spain
Tel: 0034-1-3457339,
Fax: 0034-1-3457340

Sweden (Stockholm)

Smt . Rekha Singhal
Sveavagen 9-11, 8th Floor.
S-11,157 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: 0046-8-101197
Fax: 0046-8-210186

UAE (Dubai)

Sh. G. Kanjilal
Post Box 12856, NASA Building
AL Maktoum Street Deira,
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 00-971-4-2274848
Fax: 00-971-4-2274013
E-mail: Freeindia > Tourism > Varanasi
United Kingdom (London)

Smt. Alka Kohli
7 Cork Street, London W1X 2AB,
Tel: 0044-171-437-3677
0044 -171-734-6613
Fax: 0044-171-494-1048

USA (Los Angeles)

Sh. D. Subhash
3550 Wilshire Boulevard,
Suite 204, Los Angeles
California 90010-2485, USA,
Tel: 001-213-380-8855,
Fax: 001 -213-380-6111

USA (New York)

1270, Avenue of Americas,
Suite 1808 (18th Floor)
New York, NY 10020-1700, US
Tel: 001-212-586-4901/2/3
Fax: 00 1 -212-592-3274

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