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Ordeal by Fire

On August 15, 1947, India became a free country. But it was divided into two independent States - India that is Bharat and Pakistan. Gandhiji was totally opposed to this division of the country. Though the country was divided, the Hindu-Muslim riots did not cease. They increased. Lakhs of people were rendered homeless. Many lost their near and dear ones, and became orphans, In Noakhali and Thippera of East Bengal, the killings of Hindus and the shameful acts committed on women were a blot on humanity. It looked as if man had
become a demon. For half a century Gandhi had tried to put into action the principles of love and nonviolence in his personal life and in public life; now it seemed to him that those principles had totally failed. Naked violence ruled every where. In that fearful situation, Gandhiji tried to test his great principles.Hedecided to go to those areas, as a messenger
of peace. Political madness and religious unreason had reached the height of cruelty. He decided to bring about peace between the Hindus and the Muslims. Though he was seventy-seven years old, he walked from village to village. He brought hope and courage to the suffering, unhappy people. He addressed prayer meetings. He advised both the Hindus and the Muslims. It was a noble mission of compassion. It shines as a noble proof of the heights of divinity to which frail mancan soar.

Peace returned to the unfortunate area. The people of both the communities had realized the shame of their senseless acts. Gandhiji returned to Delhi. He was staying at the Birla House.

It was Friday, January 30. 1948. Gandhiji used to hold prayer meetings every evening at 5-30. Prayer was his sole strength. That evening too he was on his way to the prayer meeting A man called Nathuram Vinayak Godse had come to think that Gandhiji was partial to the Muslims and that he would be saving Hinduism by killing him. As Gandhiji was walking to the prayer meeting Godse bowed to him in respect, and then fired three bullets at point blank range.

Gandhiji, the embodiment of the eternal message of the Gita, was no more.

The tragedy sent tremors the world over. A great and noble spirit that showed the path of piety to man, disappear from the world- stage; all who had a heart to feel shed tears of sorrow.

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The messenger of the peace at the place where cruelty  had reached the zenith.
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