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Man Singh's Promise to Provide Protection

The British were watchful. They got scent of Tatia's hideout. Earlier, military might and skill had failed to catch him. He had made hairbreadth escapes. They did not want to run a risk again. So they sought the hand of treachery. They sent word to Man Singh secretly. He was asked to surrender Tatia Tope. They made tempting offers to Man Singh. He was assured of absolute pardon. A jagir was promised. Man Singh could not resist the temptation. Treachery triumphed. The shameless coward agreed to put Tatia Tope into British hands. A small troop was brought stealthily. Tatia who had fallen fast asleep believing it to be the safest place, was betrayed. As he opened his eyes he found himself a prisoner. It was the midnight of April 7, 1859 when the lion was caged.

Tatia Tope was taken to the camp of General Meade at Shivpuri. The British put him on trial. The pretence of a fair trial went on for three days. He was charged with waging war against the British. Tatia held his head high. He was unrepentant to the last. He looked at the English with contempt and thundered: "I am not your servant. I have obeyed the orders of only the Peshwa who is my master. Except in just battle I have not shed any innocent blood. I do not ask for any mercy. I only ask you to blow me to pieces at the mouth of the cannon. Or hang me to death from the loop of the gallows."

How brave even in the presence of death!

The show of the trial ended after three days. They had no hesitation in sentencing him to death. As he stood at the appointed place he displayed cool courage. As every one tearfully watched he was hanged. Tatia Tope died a martyr. He was a prince among the patriots! But the British abused him as a murderer. They called him a rebel and a robber. But how can our grateful country forget his sacrifice? The name of Tatia Tope is enshrined in the hearts of his countrymen. His memory is as green as ever.

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