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The New School-A Banyan Tree

Chiplunkar, himself a teacher, wished that at least the younger generations should receive the fight type of education. 

The people's blind faith that British rule was God's gift to India had to be wiped out. 

Tilak, Agarkar and Chiplunkar were. three persons im pelled by the same ideal. They joined hands to create an educational institution to develop moral strength in the pupils.

The educational institution planned and founded by Tilak is like a banyan tree. The little seedling planted by him, has grown into a gigantic tree with many branches, and every branch has meant renewed. life and a new educa tional institution. 

The New English School has now grown into the 'Deccan Education Society'. This society now runs the Fergusson College and the Greater Maharashtra Commerce and Economics College in Pune, the Willingdon College in Sangli and the Bombay College in Bombay as well as a number of high schools. 

As the New English School started in 1880, progressed, k attracted larger and still larger numbers of pupils. This was a school which reflected out culture and the ideals of our life and was thus our very own. It was also secur ing the best results in the examinations. Teachers Were so preparing their pupils for the examinations as to secure all the scholarships for their school. Tilak and his colleagues toiled not a little for the school. During the first year, neither Tilak nor Chiplunkar drew even a rupee as salary. 

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