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The World of Journalism

Now, Tilak thought of expanding the field of national education. The school imparted education only to the students.It was nece- ssary to bring home to the mind of every Indian the nature of the slavery of Indians. People had to be organized and the people had to be roused to their condition and duty.Tilak thought that the newspapers were the most effective media.

The very next year after the school was started, Tilak started two weeklies. 'Kesari' was the Marathi Weekly and 'Mahratta' was the English Weekly.

The newspapers attracted the people. In just two years 'Kesari' had more readers than any Indian language paper.The edi- torials gave a vivid picture of the people's sufferings and of actual happenings. They called upon every Indian to fight for his right. The language was so sharp as to create in the most cowardly reader the thirst for freedom. Tilak used to say to his colleagues: "You are not writing for the university students. Imagine you are talking to a villager..... Be sure of your facts. Let your words be clear as day light."

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