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He liked stories very much. Soon after his studies, he would run to his grandfather to hear stories from him. His grandfather had lived in Kashi during the days of the 1857
Revolution (the first war of Independence). On hearing the stories about the revolutionaries like Nana Saheb, Tatia Tope and Jhansi Rani, Bal would be thrilled.

Oh! What great men were they who sacrificed their lives for the country! When he grew up he, too, should serve his country like them and free Mother India from salvery this became his heart's desire.

Bal was ten years old whenGangadharpant was transferred to Pune. Coming from Ratnagiri to Pune was a milestone in the life of Bal Tilak.

A new place and new people.

By joining the Anglo-Vernacular School in Pune, young Tilak was able to get good education from well known teachers.

Bal's mother passed away only a few months after coming to Pune. Fasts and strict religious observances had made her weak and thin. She wished for a son, and undertook a strenuous from of the worship of the Sun God for eighteen months. The boy who was born by the grace of the Sun God, was instrumental in making thesunset in the British Empire!

Bal lost his father also six years after his mothers death. Then he was 16 years old.

He was studying in the Matriculation Class. He had been married to a ten-year old girl called Sathyabhama.

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