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In India

Tilak was released on 8th June 1914. He was brought to pune on the 16th and was let off. Many organizations in Pune arranged public meetings in honour of Tilak. Tilak said.

"Six years of separation from you has not lessened my affection for you. I have not forgotten the concept of swaraj. There will be no change in the programmes I had already accepted. They will all continue as before."

By the time Tilak returned from Mandalay, there was a serious rift between the two Congress groups. His efforts to unite them were in vain. Then Tilak decided to build a separate powerful organization called the 'Home Rule League'. Its goal was swaraj.

Tilak went from' village to village,explained the -aim of his league to the farmers and won their hearts.

'Home Rule' means that we ourselves should manage our homes. Should our neighbour become the master of our house? An Indian should have as much freedom in India as an Englishman has in England. This is the meaning of 'Home Rule' - so Tilak explained.

He travelled constantly, in order toorganize the people. He spoke from hundreds of platforms about 'Home Rule'. And wher- ever he 'went he received a hero's welcome.

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