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Bal Gangadhar Tilak (29th Couplet) Described by British as "The Father of Indian Unrest " Tilak was born on    23.07.1856. His slogan, "Swaraj (Self Rule) is my birthright", inspired millions of Indians. His book "Geetarahasya"a classic treatise on Geeta in Marathi was written by him, in prison at Mandalay.Great journalist- editor, an authority on Vedas, Sanskrit Scholar, mathematician and a natural leader of India. Died 01.08.1920 "Swaraj is our birthright," thundered Tilak, the Lion of India.He founded schools andpublished newspapers, all for his motherland. He rotted in a distant jail at Manda lay, in Burma. he wore himself out till his last breath, to awaken his countrymen.

Author : M. S. Narasimha Murthy

"If 5 sheep eat up all the grass in a meadow in 28 days, how many sheep will eat up the grass in 20 days?"

"Seven sheep, sir," flashed back the answer even before the teacher finished his question.

'Who is it that answered without working out the sum?" Thundered the teacher.

Two or three voices shouted, "Bal, sir."

The teacher went near Bal. He took his note book and glanced through it. Should he not at least take down the problem, let alone work it out?

"Where have you worked the sum?"

Bat, with a mischievous smile, pointed to his head with his index finger.

"You should work the problem in your. book," the teacher said.

'Why? I will do it orally," replied Bat.

Bal's classmates found it difficult to under- stand certain problems even when the teacher did them thrice. But, to Bat mathe- matics was as easy as drinking Water. Sanskrit, of course, was like peeled banana to him!

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Bal Gangadhar Tilak - A Great Freedom Fighter who called ' The Lion of India'
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Intelligent But Mischievous
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World of Journalism
Farewell To His Own Institution
Significant Years
Government's Celebrations Amidst Corpses
"Has the Government gone mad?"
A Lion Even In The Cage
National Leader
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