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The Significant Years

The period seven years between 1890, when Tilak left the educational field, and 1897, when he was imprisoned, was very significant in the life of Tilak. During this period, Tilak the Teacher became Tilak the Politician. The director of an institution became a national leader.

The exceptional - energy, so far hidden in him, now raced forth in many directions. In seven brief years, he acquired the experience of seventy years. In addition to the. Two weeklies, he was running classes for students of Law. He actually waged a war against the Government for the sake 'of social reforms. He issued a call for the banning of child marriage and welcomed widow mar riage. Through the celebrations of Ganapathi Festival and the birthday of the Shivaji he organized people. He was a member of the Municipal Council of Pune, a member of the Bombay Legislature, and an elected 'Fellow' of the Bombay University, He was also taking a leading part in the Congress sessions. Added to these, he wrote and published his maiden work 'Orion'.

Such were Tilak's achievements in this brief span of seven years.

That Tilak managed to transform the local festivities of Ganesha and Shivaji into national festivals, 'is proof of his organizing ability and shrewdness. If people are to feel in their very blood and bones that they are all one, they should meet often; they should have common ideals and there should be occasions, when they can 'forget all other differences and mingle together joyously. Tilak's plan made these festivities spread to every nook and corner of Maharashtra in a few years.

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