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'The Country's Misfortune'

The British divided Bengal.Then thepeople of Bengal used boycott itself as powerful weapon. A powerful movement flared up to protest against the division of Bengal. There was a District Magistrate who was the embodiment of injustice. A revolu- tionary by name Khudiram Bose threw a bomb on him.

The government used very harsh methods to break the will of the people. Aurobindo was arrested and taken to the police office in iron handcuffs, with a rope tied to his waist. Any one suspected of trying to use explosives could be sent to prison for 14 years!

Such atrocities made the people revolt against the gov ernment Tilak's blood boiled. He wrote an article in the 'Kesari' under the title 'The Country's Misfortune' and took the government to task: 

'It is unfortunate that bombs are being made in the country. But the responsibility for creating a situation in which it has become necessary to throw bombs, rests solely on the government. This is due to the gover nment's unjust rule.'

The British were like a pricked balloon. They concluded that their government would be in danger if Tilak remained free.

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