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The Sacred Word: 'Swadeshi'

At this time, the 'Swadeshi' movement grew intense. (This was a movement for "boycott of goods made in other coun tries.) Gokhale, Ranade, Paranjape and others had shown the importance of the swadeshi principle. Through newspa pers and lectures, Tilak spread the message to each and every village in Maharashtra. A big 'Swadeshi Market' was opened in front of Tilak's house. Swadeshi goods were sold in the fifty odd stalls of the market.

The slogan of swadeshi was heard every where. Foreign clothes were reduced to ashes. Foreign sugar' was thrown away and local jaggery was used. Swadeshi cotton mills, paper mills and factories to manufacture matches were started.

The students of Rajaram College, Kolha- pur, were to take an examination. They tore the blank books given to them, saying they would not use foreign-made paper. These stud ents were given six lashes each as punishment. And they pleaded that they should be beaten only with a local made cane !

'Swadeshi, Swaraj (self-rule), Boycott and National Education'- these were the sacred words preached by Tilak. And the people made weapons of these words. The tendency grew in Indians to defy slavery. Galvanizing people's love of their country was itself a revolution brought about by Tilak.

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