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At College

Naturally one's responsibility increases after marriage. Now Bal Tilak became 'Bal Gangadhar Tilak'. After passing the Matriculation Examination he joined the Deccan Col lege.

His health was delicate as his mothers. How could he sacrifice his life for the country if his body was weak? So, Tilak decided to' improve his physique even at the cost of his studies during the first year at college.

He used to do physical exercises every day. And his food was regulated but nutritious.

In the course of one year, Tilak was first in all games and sports.He became anexpert swimmer and wrestler. He developed his body so well that all wondered at such radiant health.

In 1877, Tilak got his B.A. degree. It was no wonder that he got first class marks in mathematics. He continued his studies and got the LL.B. degree also.

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