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A Shameless Government

Fourteen years later Gandhiji started the non-cooperation movement against the British. The methods he placed before the people, Tilak had formulated as early as in 1906!

During this time, the Government of India and some Brit ish newspapers harassed Tilak in many ways. A rich man, Baba Maharaj by name, had died. He had expressed the wish that Tilak should look after his property. So Tilak took charge of it.Baba Maharaj's wife was misled by some selfish persons. She complained against Tilak to the government. The government was waiting for an opportuni ty to crush a leader who had been fighting against it. It appointed special officers and held amock trial; 'it decided that Tilak had tendered false evidence and was also guilty of for- gery. He. was handcuffed like thieves and murderers and sent to prison. Tilak, after coming out of the jail of bail, fought for fourteen years in different courts and finally got justice from the privy Council in England. The Privy Council rebuked severely the courts in India for the way they had tried this case.

The 'Globe' of London and 'The Times of India' had writ ten that Tilak incited people to commit murders. Tilak did not rest till he made those papers apologize to him.

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