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At Taxila

Ujjain was the capital of Avanti. It was a beautiful city, and the home of knowledge, wealth and art. Within a few days of taking over the administration of Avanti, Ashoka became an excellent statesman. I t was when he was in this city tha he married Shakya Kumari, the beautiful daughter of a merchant of Vidishanagar. She gave birth to two children, mahendra and Sanghamitra.

Ashoka’s volour, courage and wisdom were soon tested. The citizens of Taxila rose in revolt against the rule of Magadha. Bindusara’s eldest son, Susheema (also called could not put down the rebellion. Bindusara sent Ashoka to suppress the revolt. Ashoka to suppress the revolt. Ashoka did not have enough forces but yet moved towards the city boldly.

A suprising thing happened. The citizens of Taxila never thought of fighting against Ashoka. They gave him a grand welcome.

They pleaded, "We do not hate either Bindusara or the royal family. The wicked ministers are responsible for our revolt. We misunderstood you because of their evil advice. We are not rebels. Please forgive us."

Ashoka understood the real situation and punished those responsible for the revolt. He stayed there for some days and gave the people some advice in simple and beautiful words. When complete peace had been established in the city, Ashoka returned to his province.

Days and years passed.

Bindusara grew old. His body became weak. His health decllined. 

Among his ministers one minister by name Radhagupta was prominent. He and the others began to think about the future welfare of the empire.

Bindusara’s eldest son was Susheema. According to custom he should have succeeded to the throne.

But the rovolt of Taxila had exposed his weakness.

Besides, he had begun to behave with insolence.

The council of ministers felt that the empire would suffer and lose peace, and prosperity and that thee would be no justice in the land if Susheema was crowned king. Therefore they sent word to Ashoka that his father was ill and that he should rush to the bed side of his sick father.

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