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The explosion

Using Song and fairs and entertainment, the women also engaged in fanning dissatisfaction in the army camps. The Rani was kept informed of all that happened.

The full moon day of Holi Feast had passed. It was a pitch dark right in February. Tatia Tope came to meet the Rani.

Tatia brought with him a handbill. It read: ‘it is impossible to suffer any more. How long can we bear the agony of the danger pierced through the hear? Arise and get ready to sacrifice your life for justice. Some tyrants have kept this country in subjection, drive them away. Free the country; uphold the right.’

The Rani felt that the time was not yet ripe. Tatia said that there was extreme dissatisfaction in the army, that it was not difficult to get the money needed and that arms and ammunition were ready.

It was decided that throughout the country people should rise in revolt on Sunday the 31st of May.

The lotus is the emblem of the greatness of Saraswathi, the Goddess of Learning, and Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. This lotus was chosen as the symbol of the revolution. The cake also became a sign of the revolution. The way to spread the message of revolution was this: the cake sent from one town would be accepted and in its place another sent to the next town.

In Barrackpur, trouble broke even before the appointed day. On 10th May the spark of revolt flared up in Meerut. The Indian army in Meerut and Delhi joined and established their authority over the throne of Delhi. The dethroned Bahadur Shah was proclaimed as the Emperor of India.

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