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The Path That Shankara Showed

By that time the Acharya had probably gone round the whole of Bharat two times. He had travelled from Rameshwara and Kanyakumari of the South to Kashmir of the North, from Jagannath of the East to Dwaraka of the West, and had visited many places of pilgrimage. He got many temples renovated and inspired many to a righteous living.

Sri Shankaracharya showed I example how a man should live. The life should shine forth with pious qualities like knowledge, devotion and asceticism. He preached the way Advaita. That means everything in the world is Brahman and all are one. The world is constantly changing. These changes are neither important nor real. The reality that lies behind all these things and activities Brahman. One should develop an eye to see God everywhere and in everything. People who have that vie, take the whole world for the mother- land, and treat all human beings as their brothers.

Shankara wrote philosophical book to help the people understand Hindi Dharma. Alongside he wrote man, hymns that nourish devotional feelings in people. The hymn ‘ Bhaja Gowindam composed by him has been a very popular song all over Bharat . "If you want to get rid of the miseries of life and fear- of death, pray to Govinda."

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Shankaracharya - One of the greatest philosophers and savants of Bharat.
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