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'No Marriage for Me'

Bhagat Singh did not confine himself to the study of books. The more he learnt about revolution, the greater grew his desire to participate in it. Bengal, the home of revolution, caught his attention. He established contact with the revolutionary party of the province. The leader of the party was Sachindranath Sanyal. Every member of the party had to accept one condition. At the call of its leader, he had to be ready to quit home and join him. Bhagat Singh agreed.

Bhagat Singh's grandmother insisted that he should get married. So a girl was chosen. A day was fixed for the formal decision.

The day was fast approaching. But just then the leader of the revolution called him. Bhagat Singh left home and went to Lahore. For sometime thereafter, nobody knew where he went.

Before leaving home, Bhagat Singh wrote a letter; he said, "The aim of my life is to fight for India's freedom. I don't wish for worldly pleasures. At the time of my Upanayanam (the initiation ceremony among the Hindus), my uncle had taken a sacred promise from me; I promised to sacrifice myself for the sake of the country. Accordingly I am now giving up my own happiness and going out to serve the country."

Bhagat Singh reached Kanpur. First he earned his bread there by selling news papers. Then he came to know a revolutionary by name Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi. He got a job in the office of his periodical 'The Pratap'. And he also learnt his first lessons as a revolutionary. Revolutionaries generally change their names so that people may not know them Bhagat Singh became Balawant Singh.

At home Bhagat Singh's parents were much worried about their son. His grand- mother, then seriously ill, was very eager to see her grandson. His people searched for him and brought him back.

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Bhagath Singh- A Great Freedom Fighter, who is the symbol of the heroism of the youth of India
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