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Great Devotees

Sakhubai Meerabai
Devotee of PandurangaVittala. Though suffering hardships from a cruel mother-in-law and a foolish husband, she  bore it and reposed pure 'Bhakti' (devotion) in Lord vittala who, for her sake, served her people. One of the greatest devotees of Lord Krishna. The daughter of a prince and the daughter- in-law of a prince, she gave up every thing and faced per- secution. Her songs live on the lips of people to this day
Prahlada Dhruva
A lad who faced the anger of his mighty father for the sake of his faith in God. Poison, sword and fire could not frighten him. And the Lord Himself responded to the devotion of the five-year old boy and came to the earth.

He was a little boy of five years when he was insulted by his step-mother and ignored by his father. With determination and devotion, he succeeded.To this day the Pole Star reminds Indians of this great devotee of God.

Ambareesha Andal
Ambareesha,a great devotee.  saved Durvaasa from the wrath of Sudarshana Chakra, the weapon of Lord Vishnu. The name of Ambareesha is associated with the Ekaadashi vow i.e, fornightly observance of fast coupled with meditation on the supreme. The Girl who would marrry no one but God. She lived a life of innocence, purity and toatl dedication to her God and was finally united with Him.



Vibheeshana Hanumantha
Devotee of Sri Rama and younger brother of the Valiant Ravana, king of Lanka. He had great affection and respect for his elder brother .He went away from Lanka, surrendered himself to the virtuous Sri Rama and helped  him in the battle against Ravana.  There is no village or town in India wihtou a temple ded- icated to Hanumantha. An unforgettable character in the great epic,the Ramayana, he has become the symbol of courage, loyalty and mature wisdom.
Grandson of Prahlada, devotee of Vishnu. Though a king of Rakshasas, he ruled with righteousness and welfare of the subjects at heart. Having agreed to give in charity threepaced of land to Vishnu , who came in the form of a young 'Vatu' (bachelor- boy) to beg for charity, Bali kept his promise by offering his head on which Vishnu could put his third step. Hindus believe that Bali is immortal.
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