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Grandson of Prahlada, devotee of Vishnu. Though a king of Rakshasas, he ruled with righteousness and the welfare of the subjects at heart. Having agreed to give in charity three paces of land to Vishnu, who came in the form of a young ‘Vatu' (bachelor-boy) to beg for charity, Bali kept his promise by offering his head on which Vishnu could put his third step. Hindus believe that Bali is immortal.

Author - 'Kaipu' Lakshminarasimha Sastry


This is an age-old story. There used to be frequent rivalries and battles between the Devas and Danavas (gods and rakshasas) for the overlordship of the entire world. Victory alternated from one to the other. The defeated party often tried to take revenge against the victorious by declaring war at a favourable moment later. This resulted in continuous hatred between the Suras and Asuras. The fear of war and the suffering and death caused by war created unhappiness for the subjects.

At the beginning of Tretayuga a greatbattle was fought in which the Devas won a victory. After the death of Hiranyakashipu, the king of Danavas, Prahlada became the king over the earthly kingdom. He 'had a son, Virochana. Devamba was the wife of Virochana. Bali was the son of Virochana and Devamba.

Since Bali grew up as a child often playing on the lap of Prahlada, he was very loving and respectable towards his grandfather. Prahlada taught him all the virtues and made him an adept in the Vedas and the art of warfare. He became the foremost among the Danava warriors; and appropriate to the name 'Bali', he was the strongest among them. He married Vindhyavali, the daughter of a saint. Prahlada made him the crown Prince ('Yuvaraja'). After he became the yuvaraja, Bali thought: "Devas have caused fright among the Danavas by constantly hating them and fighting them. I must earn merit and proficiency in all respects, equal to that of Devas. Then we can get rid of fear. To attain this I shall perform tapas (austerities) and win the blessings of Brahma." He resolved to put his idea into action and went to forest to perform austerity.

Bali settled for his tapas at a suitable place in the forest where none lived. Till Brahma appeared before him, Bali gave up food and drink; nor did wind and rain scare him. Pleased by Bali's rigorous tapas, Brahma appeared before him. Bali pleaded thus: "O Lord, I do not ask anything for my personal benefit. But the Danavas have been rendered weak because of their fear of Devas. Grant me the boon ofimmortality and the strength of Indra." Brahma granted his prayer. Armed with the gifts he got from Brahma, Bali returned to the capital.

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Bali - Grandson of Prahlada, devotee of Lord Vishnu
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