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Coronation of Bali

There was great joy in the capital that day on account of the coronation ceremony. Every house was whitewashed andpainted with colors. There was a riot of green leaves in strings adorning the thresholds, and the walls were full of painted pictures. There was vocal and instrumental music accompanied by drums and timbrels. The subjects shouted with joy - "Today Bali becomes our king. It is the day of his coronation as our king and lord."

Soon after Bali returned from the forest after his tapas, which had given him great power, Prahlada wanted to install him as king. But Bali wanted his grandfather torule over the world for some more time. But after a few years Prahlada convinced Bali to accept the responsibility of kingship.

Bali however, agreed to this only on condition that his grandfather should stay in the capital. On the day of Bali's coronation, many kings came to the capital with previous gifts. It was celebrated with grandeur and joy. The Gandharva, Yaksha, Siddha and Daitya kings gave Bali gifts and expressed their desire to have him as their friend.

Only Devas (gods) did not attend the coronation of Bali. Indra, the king of the Devas, was angry with Bali after he heard of Bali's successful tapas.Fear and anxiety took hold of him when he heard of the growing strength of the Danavas who drew their strength and courage from Bali.

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