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After The World Conquest

After his conquest of the world, Bali summoned a meeting of all his ministers end subjects. In the open assembly he worshipped his chief preceptor Shukracharya and said with folded hands, "O Gurudeva, I became the emperor with your guidance. Accept the wealth I have brought as a token of my gratitude."

Shukracharya smiled and said: "O king of the Danavas, this wealth belongs to the subjects. Perform the 'Vishwajit' sacrifice in such a way that the wealth is properly distributed among the subjects. Then I shall ask for two gifts from you."

Bali agreed to his Guru's suggestion and said, 'What is the first dakshina that you wish to ask from me ?"

Shukracharya said: "First establish righteousness among the Danavas."

Bali vowed that his empire would become a place marked by righteous conduct and wanted to know what his Guru's second wish was. 

Shukracharya. then said: "Practice the virtue of charity and try to reduce poverty in the world.Bali promised to fulfil his second desire also and said : "Giving charity will be my vow from today. I will give away in charity whatever is asked of me without denial from today."

The whole world was stunned to hear about Bali's vow. The Devas in heaven also were shocked and surprised when they heard the news of Bali's vow.

None of the Daitya kings had performed this kind of Vishwajit sacrifice so far. Bali warned the Daityas thus : "Shed the path of violence and earn good name by following the path of righteousness. The unrighteous will be punished severely. Spread the message that there is no place for injustice and unrighteousness in the empire of Bali."

Man is afraid of poverty and hardship in this world. Being afraid of Danavas (demons), man worships Devas (gods) and prays for heavenly happiness. Bali knew this. Therefore he declared: "O my subjects, your happiness is mine. There will be no room for poverty in Bali's empire in future , You need not go in search of heaven. I shall make a heaven of this earth." He put into practice what he promised his subjects.

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Bali vowed that his empire would become a place marked by righteous conduct
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