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Ideal State

Prahlada, Shukracharya, Shambara and other elderly wise men helped Bali to improve the state of affairs in his empire by making necessary laws for the administration of the empire. Bali implemented the laws framed by his advisers to provide enough food and shelter and to give necessary facilities to ensure happiness of his subjects. The ascetics (rishis) who had gone to forests and mountains to practice austerities returned to their way of life and to perform sacrifices in hermitages without the fear of Danavas. Every one was able to devote him to the performance of religious rites without fear. Peace and plenty prevailed everywhere.

Bali traveled to the nooks and corners of his empire and saw for himself the happiness of his subjects. He was delighted to see green crops everywhere. Every one was heard saying, "Bali is righteous, truth loving, charitable. He is born on earth to make it a heaven." There was no one who prayed to Devas (gods) for the grant of wealth and happiness. Happiness and peace were firmly established on the earth now. Having got rid of poverty, the subjects enjoyed life with happiness.

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Bali - Grandson of Prahlada, devotee of Lord Vishnu
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