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Vamana Became Trivikrama

Vamanamurthy was not short now. He grew from height to height. People  wondered at the sudden growth. He now measured from his first foot all the empire of Bali on earth and the under-world. He then measured Bali's empire in Heaven with his second step and asked Bali where he should take his third measure.

Danavas who witnessed this could not be silent spectators. They had aspired to occupy the other worlds and rule them under the overlordship of Bali.They became mad with anger. With uplifted weapons they came to attack Vamana. There were frightening sounds every- where. Bali who stood with folded hands stopped them and said, "Danavas, get back.Vamana is Vishnu, Lord of the World. You defeated Devas once with His blessing. He is now with Devas. Therefore it is natural that they should win against you." Hearing these words, Danavas stepped back.

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